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How to Get Six Pack Abs Faster

We already talked about the importance of regular exercise. When we talk about exercise or gym, 6 packs abs are the dream of everyone who want to get fit, be slim and want to show out their body. It is always good to be healthy and getting 6 pack abs add special benefits to the exercise we do. It help us lose extra belly fat faster and also boost your stamina.
How to Get Six Pack Abs Faster : WikiHealthBlog
How to Get Six Pack Abs Faster : WikiHealthBlog
Today we Talk about how to get six packs abs faster, even in your busy schedule of work. You don`t need to spend hours in gym or buy some gym machines at home. All you need is to focus on getting 6 pack abs, and do what we are going to tell now, this is an exercise for 6 pack abs that will help you.
Get Six Pack Abs Faster : WikiHealthBlog
Get Six Pack Abs Faster : WikiHealthBlog
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How to Get Six Pack Abs?

You need to do only 4 things daily
1) Sit-ups
3)Leg raises

Start with 15 sit-ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raise and 10 planks. While doing this exercise you should take rest on every 4th day. Gradually increase it to the limit till you don`t get your target. What we suggest is that you should target 125 sit-ups, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises and 125 plank a day.

The day you will get this target you will see that you have rock solid 6 pack abs that will shine and also make you feel good and also boost confidence.
Six Pack Abs : WikiHealthBlog
Six Pack Abs : WikiHealthBlog
Also important thing is that you should take care of your diet also. Stay away from alcohol, cold drinks. Drink more and more water as water increase flexibility, lubricate body and avoid muscle cramping.

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So this is the best 6 packs ab exercise that work. Do say any suggestions or questions in comments? If you like this article feel free to share on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. To get more updates on health in your inbox subscribe WikiHealthBlog feed.