Top Tips to Remember When You Want to Lose Weight

The biggest challenge in todays life is to keep yourself healthy. because of the lifetyle people are tend to gain weight. Here are the best ways to help you to lose weight.

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How HGH Useful For Women In Weight Loss

Excess body weight can make life difficult in many ways- for any individual. However, obesity continues to be a global health menace. Just like men, women also suffer from this issue and they resort to numerous methods to discard excess body fat.

How HGH Useful For Women In Weight Loss: WIkiHealthBlog
How HGH Useful For Women In Weight Loss: WIkiHealthBlog
From special diets to hitting the gym, obese women leave no measures untouched to shed off excess flab. A section of overweight women also resort to hormone therapies to lose body weight.

Despite the debates and risk of side effects popularity of HGH therapy among obese women has shot up over the years.

Nuances of HGH treatment for weight loss

The HGH is made by the pituitary gland in the human body for growth and development. This hormone is also needed for bodily functions like muscle growth, tissue repair, metabolism and brain function, all over life.

Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss

The production of HGH reaches a peak in puberty and then slows down after mid 30s. Studies showing obese adults with lower levels compared with normal-weight adults have prompted people to think HGH is related to weight loss.

Studies showing positive impact and opposites

It was in the early 1990s that a British study in HGH was carried out and it led to interest in HGH for weight loss. The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine study. The results showed 8.8% muscle mass gain and 14% body fat loss in the test subjects.

However, later studies did not show such benefits. In fact, the Journal itself denounced the 1990 study findings, saying the study was misused later. It was not a very long term study though.

Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Later in 2009, another study finding was highlighted which showed promise of weight loss with HGH therapy. The results were published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. It showed that both obese men and women benefited from in taking a synthetic version of HGH.

In another study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism’ similar outcome was found in lab rodents and it came out in 2001. These study findings have acted as morale boosters for thousands of obese women tired of trying with conventional weight loss methods.

Why HGH is chosen by women shed excess fat

The human growth hormone has an impact on metabolism in the human body and that may eventually lead to weight loss in users. With age, metabolism in women slows down and this leads to weight gain.

After pregnancy or disorders leading to reduced movements, women gain excess weight and find it hard to shed that fat later. This can lead to obesity related health issues in the long run.

With HGH therapy, such women can shed excess fat without working out vigorously or changing diets drastically. Given the fact, most women have to cope with enhanced workload- trying HGH therapy is a better way to shed off excess weight.

They can balance work and household chores while trying this therapy for weight loss. This is one big reason its popularity among overweight women has shot up in recent years.

Basics of HGH therapy for weight loss for women

There are many ways to use HGH therapy for weight loss- these days. There are HGH supplements in pills and powder form which are available at

Some women also try taking synthetic HGH injections. However, the injectable form is not legal and it is only recommended by doctors when the person has an acute HGH deficit. The results of in taking HGH injection may bring adverse effects on the users, as it is.

Women who want to lose weight by using HGH should take HGH pills and supplements, for better results. However, selecting the right pill will be necessary in this regard.

A number of brands nowadays sells HGH weight loss products online nowadays. Oral spray forms are also sold. Women who want to use such HGH supplements have to compare such products and then make the call.

Cautions you should keep in mind

While the number of obese women using various types of HGH supplements and pills are only growing with time, a few things should be analyzed before you start using such solutions.

There have been cases where users have developed mild to moderate side effects after using HGH pills for weight loss. The potential risk and side effects of using synthetic forms of HGH include:
  •     High blood pressure
  •     Swelling
  •     Joint pains
  •     Glucose intolerance
  •     Skin problems
While HGH intake does not lead to immediate and severe health threats in women, these side effects should not be overlooked- say the doctors. Incessant glucose intolerance in the body can pave way for the onset of diabetes.

Where it all leads to?

There can be benefits of using the HGH pills and sprays for women with excess body fat. However, not many long term studies have been carried out on the efficacy of female weight loss by using HGH. It is yet to be approved by the FDA for this purpose.

While comparing the available HGH pills and powders, checking the ingredients is useful. Not all such HGH supplements contain same formulation or ingredients. You will come across some HGH pills that are made with powerful natural herbs with proven metabolism boosting and fat burning capacity.

You can also discuss the issue with a diet expert or doctor in this regard to learn about the safety and viability of a product over others. It is not wise to pick any OTC HGH pill without seeking medical guidance for weight loss. It is also necessary to see if the company selling these tablets and spray are licensed or not.

While HGH usage may be useful for weight loss in women, the importance of adhering to a suitable diet and working out cannot be undermined too. When the HGH users resort to work out and intake low fat foods, the metabolism process gets boosted in the apt way- leading to faster and sustainable weight loss. It would be wise to remember that HGH supplements are not magic bullet solutions to accelerate weight loss.

Simple Ways that You Can Use to Lose Thigh Fat

If you desire sexy thighs. This article is for you. But we know it may be difficult to get rid of stubborn fats around the thighs. Not only does thigh fat look ugly but its also dangerous to your health. Your risk increase for heart strokes. But by using the tips given here you will lose the fat not only quickly but you will find it will disappear effectively too.
Simple Ways that You Can Use to Lose Thigh Fat : Wiki health blog
Simple Ways that You Can Use to Lose Thigh Fat : Wiki health blog
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Leave the elevator and start using stairs.
To be fair you know it would take some effort on your part. But if you do this. Using the stairs you will melt fat fast and naturally. Leaving the desired results you want. Slim and supple thighs. To help improve melting the fat you should bend forward a little at your hips and climb fast. Climbing two steps at a time. Avoid climbing too fast.

Brisk walk.
It may not be for everyone. But there is nothing like a half an hour jog to melt fats fast. By doing this you will make your lower limbs leaner and stronger. Improving your stamina. Remember that its best to jog in the morning to kick start your metabolic rate and leave you energized for the rest of the day.

Consider swimming or dancing.
Both of these are great exercise for your legs. If you cant jog in the morning the next best thing may be to think of joining a swimming class. Swimming and dancing has great benefits for your legs. By doing either of these two you will tome your thighs. melt the fat on your thighs and make your thighs firm.

Weight training.
This exercise is for you if you want to lose thigh fat fast. The idea is too put more stress on your thighs and legs. That is why lifting weights is the way to go. When you perform squats its a good idea to lift weights. It may be a challenge but with perseverance you will find it will become very easy to do.

Diet changes
Above all else. If want to lose thigh fat you have to realize its also about what goes into your body. So reconsider your diet. Its best to avoid sugars and sodas. Rather go for protein and foods that is high in fiber. Your thighs will be thanking you for the changes. You will see the benefits and reap the rewards.

I hope this article is helpful. Is there anything else you can think to add as another way to lose thigh fat that wasn't mentioned. We would love to hear it.

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat, also known as the unhealthy fat on our bodies. It affects our overall health, appearance and also our hearts How do we get rid of it? Well today I am sharing a few methods for effectively reducing belly fat.
Easy and effective ways to reduce belly fat : Wiki health Blog
Easy and effective ways to reduce belly fat : Wiki health Blog
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Eating fast 

We all deal with a fast paced life. So many tend to eat very fast. But that is very wrong. That's not how its supposed to be. When you eat too fast. You don't really chew. The result of too fast eating is food pieces that isn't chewed properly waits and sits to be digested. Leading to being misguided on the amount of food you have eaten already.Result is overeating. So remember to enjoy your food. Taste it. Eat slower.


We all love soda. It feel so nice and refreshing. But the fact is. It's not healthy good or refreshing. It is extremely high with sugars. Artificial sweetened soda's is actually worse because it cant be digested.

So if you want to have sodas use ice cubes that way you drink less soda and have water. Or cut down on soda intake.

Packaged food:

Many of us rely on fast and quick meals. So we tend to go for foods that is high in sodium. Packaged goods is very high in sodium. Filled with preservatives. Processed and packed for convenient use. Yes your favorite brand of chips is included. Also some cereals soups and salad dressings. Makes us want to read the label before we buy. 

Consider healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. It is naturally low in sodium.
Snacking or eating before going to bed. Many eat at least an hour or two before going to bed. If you eat within an hour before going to bed. You will wake with a bigger belly.Remember that when we lie down we affect digestion of foods. Also our bodies use less energy when we sleep.

If you feel like eating before going to bed. Have a piece of fruit. Or have some yogurt. But the best choice is to eat 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

Food allergies:

Some food allergies mean belly expansion. Example. if you are have a food allergy to wheat. Your body cant digest gluten which means that bloating and belly expansion occurs. It includes those who are lactose intolerant.

If you think you have a food allergy it is advisable to see your doctor to have a test to know what foods you should avoid.

These are all healthier ways of getting rid of the bulge. But always remember you are what you eat. The food becomes part of you.

How to Burn Unappealing Fat

If you look in the mirror. Turning to see how you look from behind. You may see fat on your back. It isn't uncommon. But also it is very hard to get rid of that specific type of fat.

Burn Unappealing Fat : Wiki health blog
Burn Unappealing Fat : Wiki health blog
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So how do we get rid of those unhealthy and very unappealing fat?
Well today I am giving advice on that specific problem.

How to Burn Unappealing Fat

Healthy eating habits

First and always very important in the fight against fat. Eating the healthier and correct ways. Fat burning meals is always a great idea for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Consider cardio exercises.

Boxing swimming rowing all have one thing in common. It can help to eliminate back fat. Not only does it help to get rid of those fats. But it also strengthens you r back muscles. Consider 30 minutes three or four times a week.

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Strengthen core muscle.

The secret of losing back fat. Is all about core muscle. If you focus on core muscle. It will improve a flatter midsection. Reduce those love handles. Improve back strength. But main thing it will reduce those back fats.

Consider exercises like power extensions. Ball work outs. Power cleans. Sit ups and front squats.

These are just a few easy but very effective ways to get rid of those fats. Try it and see for yourself.

Easy and fast tips for weight loss

Do you need or want to lose that extra unwanted weight? With advice given by an expert you may see the fat burning faster than you thought.

Easy and fast tips for weight loss : Wiki Health Blog
Easy and fast tips for weight loss : Wiki Health Blog
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Leave the food scale

Portion control has nothing to do with measuring. Instead it is about ordering two appetizers. Leaving the entrée. Smaller portions of pasta and bread.

Lose Weight With Green Pepper

Lots of fruit

Keep some fruit at work. It is healthier option than chocolate. It will help to calm the craving for a snack.

Weight Loss by Drinking Water

Limit yourself

In the cafeteria use a styrofoam box. Put in there want foods you want. You will almost never overeat.

Tips to remember when you plan to weight lose

Brush teeth after dinner

After dinner brush teeth. You will be less likely to eat again before going to bed.

Flush fat with Water Detox

Beware of liquid calories

It is advised to leave lemonade calorie filled juice and also wine.

Get 6 pack Abs

Pitcher filled with infused water

Instead of going for drinks like tea coffee or sodas, consider a pitcher filled with water and fruits

Weight loss Detox recipe 

Left overs

When you serve yourself. Immediately pack the left over foods in a container and put it away.

Take a picture

Take a picture of yourself only with underwear. Call it the before picture. So if you fall of the wagon you can look at that and motivate yourself.

Few simple ways to get to the slimmer you. But as mentioned earlier it is advised to make life style changes. You will feel happier and healthier for making that life changing decision.

If you do have some question, feel free to ask me.

Top Tips to Remember When You Want to Lose Weight

When we work on losing weight, we start changing everything. Our life styles change. Diet changes to a healthier diet. We exercise. We even say no to the things we used to enjoy. We put a goal on when to achieve that target weight.

But today lets talk about that. Just allow yourself to think about what I am trying to share. All these commitments are great. Very healthy. But don't rush yourself. The goal is to lose the weight. Also to keep it off. If the process isn't right. Chances are that the weight that was lost will come back.
Top Tips to Remember When You Want to Lose Weight : Wiki Health Blog
Top Tips to Remember When You Want to Lose Weight : Wiki Health Blog

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Be patient, committed and determined

Some days it may feel that committing to to all the hard work. Has no benefit. Most of us get to have that feeling. It's normal. But it doesn't mean that you are wasting your time. Just keep on with your weight loss routine. The changes will manifest itself.

Finding a good partner

Find friends that is on the same journey as you. You will benefit and motivate each other. Even when you celebrate small weight loss. Your weight loss partner will know exactly how it felt. As they go through it too. Making it much more excited to keep up with your diet and your exercise routine.

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Taking small steps

Take things one day at a time. The weight you are trying to lose. Didn't appear in one day. It took time. Losing it will be the same. Be realistic. Don't make changes that your body won't be able to handle. It won't benefit you if you feel awful. Be wise in your efforts.

When having a bad day. Stay motivated

How many of us had one bad workout session? Most of us had that feeling. But remember it is still better than no workout. Even when making mistakes we should not stop. Learn and try hard not to do the same mistake again.

When you lose weight. It is an achievement that you dreamed off all time that you made the changes. Good times and bad. But the mindset is very important too. When doing it with the right mind and commitment. You will be looking in the mirror and see the changes you worked so hard for. You will know that it was worth it.

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Tips and advice

Never a good idea to change your habits when you have reached that target weight. The health changes, lifestyle changes, the exercise. It all combined helped you reach your target.

Flush Fat with Water Detox

We have already talked about how to burn fat quickly and how to burn fat by drinking water. Today we talk about the water detox recipe that help you to lush extra fat easily.

Flush Fat with Water Detox : Wiki Health Blog
Flush Fat with Water Detox : Wiki Health Blog
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I have found a recipe that will flush the fat, improve health, wellness and promote energy.

Flush Fat with Water Detox


  • 2 liters water
  • 1 sliced cucumber
  • 1 sliced lemon
  • 12 spearmint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon ginger, freshly grated


Add all the ingredients in a large pitcher. Leave overnight. Enjoy the next day and see what difference it will make.

We all prefer these natural ways to get rid of many health issues. So try them, if you do have some suggestion about health, do share with us. If you like this post do share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

How to Burn Off fat Quickly

If you loose body fat faster that means its water and lean muscle, so if you loose these faster then you gain them faster also. To lose weight faster first you need to have patience do not imagine that it will happen within a day.

How to Burn Off fat Quickly ; wikihealthblog
How to Burn Off fat Quickly ; wikihealthblog

How to Burn Off fat Quickly ?
  • Disease Control and Prevention center declared that do not loose weight more than 1 or 2 pounds. You can lose 2 pounds a week by decreasing 1000 calories with exercise and diet.

  • Replace high calories food with low calories and eat in smaller portions. Drink water and avoid drinks. Consume fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, vegetables and lean protein. Include rolled oats, tuna, grapefruit, hot peppers and green tea in your diet to increase metabolism.

  • Do cardiovascular exercise for 300 minutes per week. Example of Cardiovascular exercise are water aerobics, doubles tennis, bicycling will effectively burn fat. 
  • Include high-intensity interval training in cardiovascular exercise routine of 15 minutes. For example walk two minutes, sprint one minute then walk two-minutes. 

  • Strength training will increases your metabolism and burns more energy. It strengthen your legs, arms, back, chest, stomach and shoulders.
Do share your views about this and how you prefer to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight with Green Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

You cant feel wrong when eating mushrooms, peppers and onions. These three things help you loose weight and also provide nutrition.

How to Lose Weight with Green Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms : WikiHealthBlog
How to Lose Weight with Green Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms : WikiHealthBlog

Green Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms For Weight Loss ?

Balanced Diet
Eat 2.5 cups of sliced mushrooms, onions and green peppers is recommended to eat everyday. To loss weight in healthy way you should combine fruits and vegetables each day with carbohydrates, a mixture of plant and animal proteins, olive oil, grains and daily exercise.

Fiber and Calories
One cup of mushrooms has 15 calories and less than one gram fiber, One cup of green pepper has 2.5 grams of fiber  and 18 calories. Slice of onion has 6 calories. Among these three green peppers have most fiber.

Minerals and Vitamins
Green peppers provide you 74 milligrams of vitamin c where 75 milligrams recommended daily. It also has 340 micrograms of vitamin A where recommended is 700 micrograms. Mushrooms has 223 milligrams potassium.  Potassium move nutrients through blood and good for heartbeat. Onion have minimal amounts of minerals and vitamins.


    Green peppers, onions and mushrooms make a healthy side dish and have good combination of flavor. It is good to make salad of these and put some vinegar and olive oil, or You can fry them in olive oil.

    How to lose Fat and Look Slim

    Today most of the people in world are concerned about losing extra fat to look slim and more attractive. There are other benefits also of being slim. It also help you live longer and feel attractive. Many times you have to change your lifestyle to be slim.  so today we talk about how to lose fat and get slim shape.

    How to lose Fat and Look Slim : WikiHealthBlog
    How to lose Fat and Look Slim : WikiHealthBlog
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    Diet : 

    A healthy diet is very important to stay fit. Cookies, Chips , Soda and such other fast food or junk foods have high fats and sugars, which make you body gain more fat and make you fatter day by day. You should prefer eating more vegetables and fruits instead of these junk foods. Cut out your diet on white rice and white bread and eat more grains.

    Exercise : 

    We have already talked about how important exercise is. It is recommended to a average body person to exercise 30 minutes daily. Exercise includes swimming, sports, weightlifting, jogging, running etc. Exercise and good diet are necessary to burn fat quickly.

    Drink More Water:

    When you try to lose weight, you should also take care of bloating. Bloating in face occurs when your body don`t get enough water. To avoid this happening, you should drink more and more water. Water also help lubricating your muscles and avoid muscle cramping.

    See this : Weight loss by drinking water

    Avoid Alcohol:

    Alcohol is a big reason for dehydration in body and decrease water in your body. It also make you gain more weight.

    Warning and Tip:

    People think not eating food or starving help them to lose weight. that is a dilemma, starving only cause health issues.

    Do share your own ways to lose weight also if you want to discuss any health issue or want to ask any health solution do ask in comments.

    What Are the Correct Way of Losing Weight

    Today where billions of people in this world facing fat problem or want to get rid of bulky body, they try each and everything they see on ads, advertisements to keep them fir and in shape. But the best thing always is natural thing. Where other things can do some harm, natural ways cure your body like a mother treat their children. So you should always be concern about the right way of losing fat.

    Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
    Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
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    If losing weight is our goal. What is healthy weight loss?

    We have already talked about how to lose weight by drinking water. It is a very natural thing to want to lose weight quickly. But if too much weight is lost too fast. Evidence shows it won't be very successful.

    But a more gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week is more successful. Helping to keep the weight off.  Losing weight the healthy way isn't about a diet or even a program. It is all about life style changes. Long term, exercise with correct eating habits. 

    See this : Why Exercise Regularly?

    Losing weight isn't easy. It takes a lot of commitment. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight. Then its best to see it is a journey. Every little bit lost counts. Than just seeing a final destination where you achieved your goal. Living healthier, learning new healthier eating habits with regular exercise. That will improve weight loss over time.

    Losing weight will improve your life. Improves energy levels. Self confidence and even moods.
    So if you need to lose weight. Remember it is a life style change. Not just a diet or two.

    If you have any question or suggestion, do ask in comments, If you like this post feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

    Weight loss Detox recipe

    Today billions of people suffering from overweight problem in the world. people spending hours and money sweating in the gym, fasting themselves and doing everything to loss weight. People mostly ask how to lose weight effectively. 

    Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
    Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
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    If weight loss is important to you. I found this detox recipe that will help. But it does more than just help you lose weight. It boost metabolism (which in turn help you lose weight). But this detox also help to fight diabetes and help to lower blood pressure. It also helps too flush out the toxins in your body. Best of all you may have everything you need in your cupboards.

    Detox recipe of Wight loss :

    The ingredients

    Glass of water (1, about 12 to 16 0z)
    Lemon juice (2 table spoons)
    Apple cider vinegar (2 table spoons)
    Raw honey (1 Table spoon)
    Cinnamon (1 tea spoon


    Just need to mix all together and drink.
    It is advised to drink on an empty stomach.

    With this recipe you will lose weight even when you sit behind a desk most of the day. As it helps to boost metabolism.

    Tips and advice.

    It is advised to follow a healthy eating plan. As it is always most effective when living a healthy life style. Drink lots of water as it is also effective to lose weight.

    Feel free to read our article on why water help with weight loss. And exercise regularly.

    Weight loss By Drinking Water

    Probably you have heard it many times that drinking water help you lose weight. But is water really help to lose weight? Answer is "Yes". Drinking water boost your metabolism and cleanse body waste and also act as appetite suppressant. It also help your body stop retaining water and help you drop extra weight. So increase your water intake.

    Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog
    Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog

    Always Drink Before You Eat :

    Because water also work as appetite suppressant, so drinking water before you eat make you feel fuller and reduce food intake. Drinking water before meals help you reduce 75 calories per meal. Drinking water before one meal per day help you reduce 27,000 calories intake per year. That means it will help you lose eight pound each year just by drinking water.

    Replace Calorie Filled Drinks with Water :

    Ditch juice and sodas and replace them with pure water to lose more weight. If water intake seems boring to use than add a slice of lemon. Water with lemon is the best weight lose recipe because pectin available in lemon reduce food carving. Give ur sugary drinks and see the result.

    Drink Ice Cold Water:

    According to WebMD , drinking ice cold water boost metabolism because it make your body work harder to turn cold water into warm. This help you burn more calories and help you lose weight and also it is more refreshing than water at room temperature.

    Go to Gym:

    As water keep your joints lubricated and prevent muscle cramping spo it help you to do more work in gym. SO this is good to lose weight.

    Get Enough Water:

    Rule is 8x8. means that you drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day of 8-ounce each glass. Drink more water and also the good thing is water do not have any effects.