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Firstly, I'm a major proponent of getting enough sleep. Sleep is how our body repairs itself from illness and intensifies cognizance and focus.

Proper sleep helps us to maintain a healthy weight body. Probably getting sound sleep is the only essential step we can take towards vitality and health.

How to Stay Energetic After Sleepless Night: Wikihealthblog
How to Stay Energetic After Sleepless Night: Wikihealthblog


But unfortunately, this feeling is not the first time for me; either due to work, I took an overnight flight, woke up too late, turned off my to-do list and managed a toddler who wet the bed all night.

When all this happened, I used to get distressed.

Suppose that my brain can not function properly on any conference call or a meeting? Or do I behave cranky with my kids all the time? However, I've cultivated some hacks that helped me deal with casual missed sleep at night with time.

When sleep-deprived, I always follow 5 things that help me sense energy. 

Hydrate Your Body:

When you are sleep deprived, the next morning, you feel exhausted, Dehydration causes fatigue; it's the right time to hydrate your body!

Whenever our body is dehydrated, we feel even more tired. The best thing to do is drink lukewarm water by adding lemon squeeze into it, and immediately it will boost up your body's energy.

Always try to keep a water bottle within your reach. You can refill it and drink it whenever

you do not have enough sleep. You will re-hydrate, and it will help your organs to wake up. Our body is made up of 60 percent of water.

Hence, we need fluid to work. Even if we are mildly dehydrated, it causes fatigue also a contraction in brain function.

Get some exercise:

Exercise will stimulate your body. Blood flow will increase, and you will feel more energetic.

According to Dr Shane- walking up and downstairs for 10 minutes gives you more energy than drinking a can of soda. Exercise motivates you to work.

Moreover, going for a walk or running outside will increase your body's level of vitamin D. It boosts your mood, helps you to more focus and recalls the body to work as it's daytime.  

Splash cold water on your face:

While warm temperature makes us feel cozy, disclosure of cold temperature is refreshing. If you feel lazy and need a little kick-start, go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face.

It works as a stimulant for your nervous system and skin. Moreover, you can try putting up an ice cube on your temple or wrists and even putting a wet handkerchief on your neck.

Streamline your schedule:

While sleep-deprived, your next should be very simple and streamlined. Do not try to be superman or a woman, as today is not the day when you can try and do everything easily.

Go through your schedule and cut down on the things that are not important to complete within this day. You can complete your tasks the next day ass you are not that productive today.

When I am out of sleep, I never try multitasking as it takes a long; rather, I prefer to do single tasks. The motive is not to feel tired.  

Eat the right meal:

It is very important to take care of what you eat when you do not have enough sleep or are tired. You must be craving coffee but be careful caffeine makes you edgy and restless.

Instead, it would be best if you go for foods rich in proteins, like cashews, Almonds and yogurt etc., drink lots of water.

Even Lukewarm lemon water will help to stay active. Do not go for junk food like pizzas, burgers and all. Especially avoid food full of carbohydrates.


Sleep is a healer for your mind and body. Follow above tips to get some valuable sleep.

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Water is an essential nutrient for the human body. Our body has harmful chemicals, and water is a natural detoxifier. Water is the primal component of our body. It delivers oxygen all over the body, flushes body waste, regulates body temperature and lubricates joints.

Importance of Safe Drinking Water: Wiki Health Blog
Importance of Safe Drinking Water: Wiki Health Blog

It also helps our brain to manufacture hormones and acts as shock absorber.

We need to drink a plenty of pure water in order to avoid dehydration. As our body loses water in various activities and we need to maintain a perfect balance. Water is life. Without water, we can’t survive for long.

Few benefits of drinking pure water

Drinking water must be pure. There are a number of people dying every year due to water-borne diseases in many countries. It is a huge challenge to get access to pure drinking water. Pure water is scarce, but there are many benefits of drinking pure water.

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Better Digestion - 

Pure water help in better digestion. Water makes saliva in our body that helps in proper digestion. A poor digestion leads to many serious problems diarrhea, constipation and many more.

Healthier Skin - 

Water is a natural detoxifier, and it keeps the skin moisturized. By drinking a plenty of pure water daily the chances of wrinkles and other skin ailments reduces.

Boost Energy - 

Pure drinking water regulates the temperature of our body. It helps in proper functioning of brain and bones. It also acts as lubricants for joints. Pure water intake enables muscles to work harder. Overall, water is a complete energy booster.

Balance the processes of the body - Water not only balances the temperature of our body it does maintain a balance of nutrients. Water acts as a transport mode for delivering necessary nutrient to the body. It regulates the pH balance of the body.

Pure drinking water is the foundation of the overall development of a human body. But the availability of pure drinking water is quite rare. The quality and purity of drinking water at the household level is directly affected by its distribution methods. The groundwater also suffered from many pollutants. The water must be purified by using natural processes or faucet water filters.

The faucet water filter is the most convenient and easiest method to purify drinking water. The faucet water filter is very easy to install and rather inexpensive method to get safe water.

You might wonder now how to choose the faucet water filter for your kitchen as there are a plenty of options available in the market. The best faucet water filter for you should be user-friendly, inexpensive and one that provides consistent service. It should be compatible with standard faucets, easy to remove and replace.

To get all the health benefits and good taste of water, all you need is to install the best faucet water filter.


Contaminated Water causes severe health problems. Dehydration can badly affect the blood pressure that results in weakness, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So the use of the best faucet water filter is a must.

Pure drinking water is a key to keep your body fit and to detoxify naturally. So keep a pure water bottle always with you wherever you go.