May be one of the most dreaded words. Have you ever considered a detox? Why would anyone consider a detox to start with? It is seen as dreary and no fun. So why do it? Well the answer is intriguing.

Detox Plan for Seven Day Detox : Wiki health Blog
Detox Plan for Seven Day Detox : Wiki health Blog
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So lets start with the idea why detox is good. It is to remove unwanted toxins from the body. Liver, kidneys and bowel movement, all that while you improve the performance of those body parts. It is a break from toxins for your body. It is a recharge for your body. Your eyes will sparkle. Your skin will glow that healthy natural glow. Energy levels will boost. Digestion will improve and you may even lose some unwanted weight. Now would you consider a detox for seven day for all these benefits?

Avoid these foods and drinks

artificial sweeteners,
maple syrup.
Coffee Grains like biscuits, cakes and pasta.
Barley oats, rice Dried fruit Milk products excluding half cup of yogurt unsweetened Foods and drinks that you can be enjoyed Olive oil (prefer extra virgin)
Coconut oil (unprocessed)
Eggs (organic preferred)
Fruit: all types of fruit
Vegetables: all types of vegetables
Fish: fresh or canned with water or olive oil
Water: 1 to 3 liters every day
Meat: lean red meat, chicken skinless, Two servings a week allowed
Seeds: unsalted raw sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.
Tea: white tea, green tea, weak black tea (decaffeinated)
Legumes: dried or canned, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils

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Seven day plan for Detox

1 Start the morning with lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of one half lemon into a cup of hot water. It helps to cleanse and kick start the digestive system. Even before breakfast have a cup of lemon water.

2 Exercise. Try to exercise for an hour during this detox time. The idea is that you must sweat, pant and puff is good. Examples like jogging, walking uphill, hot yoga, boxing. When exercising vigorously lymph flow and circulation is increased. That means toxins is removed from the body by sweating.

3 Raw foods. When following a detox the idea is to eat food raw. As it is loaded with nutrients and enzymes. Food is most nutritious when it is uncooked and raw. So why not consider salads every day.

4 Drink. Try for 3 liters daily. It helps in removing toxins from the body. It cleans the kidneys. Try for spring water, Filtered water. Herbal detox teas. Vegetable juice. Or if you want you can make your own drink by mixing Dandelion root and nettle, cleavers, calendula, burdock and red clover. Add a teaspoon of these mixed herbs to boiled water in a cup. Leave for 5 minutes. Strain and drink.

5. Mind detox. Detoxing the body is good. But why not consider clearing the mind too. Meditation is a good way to clear your mind. How to meditate? Place your hand palms on your lower belly. Breath in through your nose. Slowly count to 3 or 4 counts. With every breath your tummy should rise. Breath out slowly. This will allow your tummy to drop. 15 minutes a day will be good for mind detox.

6. Brushing body. By following the body brushing technique you improve circulation. That in turn will improve skin detoxification. Use a loofah or a body brush to brush. You should use firm circular strokes before taking a shower. By starting at your feet and hands. Going upwards to your legs and arms. (Also please note to avoid any sensitive areas like throat face sore places and any type of rash. It will only make the skin feel bruised and aggravate it.) Now take that refreshing shower. But remember to end your shower with a 1 minute burst of cold water. That will improve blood circulation.

7. Chewing. When eating remember to chew every mouthful 10 to 12 times. It improves digestion. Also you will avoid overeating.

Important notes before considering detox.

Do not detox if you have any of these conditions. Pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, high blood pressure, underweight. Or going against the advice of your doctor/health advisor.

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Many want and desire curvy figures that not only make them feel good. But also make then feel fantastic. An unattractive behind is a problem for so many ladies. So today I am sharing advice of what really works to make that buttocks firm and attractive. We will be making sure that the muscles that is responsible for creating a flattering behind is getting some focus. Muscles like glutues, medius and hamstring.

Best Buttocks Exercises : Wiki Health Blog
Best Buttocks Exercises : Wiki Health Blog
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So we start with the exercises now : Best Buttocks Exercises

The Romanian dead-lifts

The Romanian dead-lifts
You need a barbel for this exercise. Start of by holding it in front of you. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Now bend your knees just a little. Now bend at the waist. All that while sliding your barbell down to your thighs till it is at the same level as your knees and shin bones. Remember to make sure that your back stays straight during this exercise all the time.

Now while you are bent. Contract those muscles in the buttocks. Holding for a few seconds. Now you can slowly release and go back to your original position.

The one leg glute bridge
The one leg glute bridge

Start of by laying on your back. Bending your knees. Now place your feet on the ground. Making sure it is hip width apart. Start to extend one leg and push your hip up to the ceiling. Let it go as high as it can go. Remember that while you are doing this to exhale and squeeze your glutes as much as you can. Then lower your buttocks to the floor again. Holding this pose for a few seconds before you start all over again. Do remember to the same to the other leg.

Dumbbells and sumo squats
Dumbbells and sumo squats

You start this exercise by standing up straight. But make sure to have your legs shoulder width from each other. Holding a dumbbell in front of you. Between your legs. Hold your back straight and make sure your shoulders are drawn back.

Now you start by slowly squatting down Making sure that your upper legs are level to the ground. Now make sure to avoid that your body doesn't go forward. The way to do this us keeping your back muscles and the muscles in your abdomen area tight. Now while you are in a squatting position you can contract your buttocks as much as you can only for a few seconds that slowly go back into a standing position.

Doing squats with heels lifted.
Doing squats with heels lifted.

Now you start off with this workout by standing upwards with your feet about shoulder length apart. Now lift your left heel off the floor. But mane sure that your toes still touch the floor. next start by slowly lowering your buttocks to the floor while you making sure that your core muscles will help to stabilize your upper body.  Now you can lift your arms. Both of them. Then go back to the same position you started with. Making sure it lasts at least 45 to 60 seconds. Now lift your right heel. Doing the exact same thing.

Doing one leg Romanian dead-lift
Doing one leg Romanian dead-lift

Again you need a barbell for this exercise. Or a kettle-bell if you have one.Starting with your right hand standing straight. making sure that your left knee is slightly bent. Now slowly kick your right leg backwards while you are leaning forward. Now do remember that your right leg and upper body should be level to the floor. You can let your right hand dangle. Holding this position for a few second. Before starting the exercise with the other leg. But to make the best of this exercise it is good to repeat 12 times.

Doing step ups with dumbbells
Doing step ups with dumbbells

For this exercise you need a platform or bench as well as dumbbells. Start of by holding the dumbbells in front of the step. Placing your right foot on the step while lifting your whole body till you are level with the step.Do remember it is important to make sure that your buttocks muscles stays clenched during this exercise. You must also remember to have your back straight and avoid bending forward. Slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Now repeat 12 times for each side.

Rainbow exercises
Rainbow exercises

For this exercise you have to get on the floor. With your knees hip width away from each other. Now you should straighten your left leg behind you. All that while your left leg toes are pointed too. Now align your spine to the parallel level of the floor. When it is aligned you should tighten your core muscles. Tapping with your toes on the floor. Now go back to the position you started. Flexing your left leg to the right side of your body. Now you tap your right toes to the floor. Each of these should be done for 45 to 60 seconds. Then repeat with the other side.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask via comments.
If you desire sexy thighs. This article is for you. But we know it may be difficult to get rid of stubborn fats around the thighs. Not only does thigh fat look ugly but its also dangerous to your health. Your risk increase for heart strokes. But by using the tips given here you will lose the fat not only quickly but you will find it will disappear effectively too.
Simple Ways that You Can Use to Lose Thigh Fat : Wiki health blog
Simple Ways that You Can Use to Lose Thigh Fat : Wiki health blog
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Leave the elevator and start using stairs.
To be fair you know it would take some effort on your part. But if you do this. Using the stairs you will melt fat fast and naturally. Leaving the desired results you want. Slim and supple thighs. To help improve melting the fat you should bend forward a little at your hips and climb fast. Climbing two steps at a time. Avoid climbing too fast.

Brisk walk.
It may not be for everyone. But there is nothing like a half an hour jog to melt fats fast. By doing this you will make your lower limbs leaner and stronger. Improving your stamina. Remember that its best to jog in the morning to kick start your metabolic rate and leave you energized for the rest of the day.

Consider swimming or dancing.
Both of these are great exercise for your legs. If you cant jog in the morning the next best thing may be to think of joining a swimming class. Swimming and dancing has great benefits for your legs. By doing either of these two you will tome your thighs. melt the fat on your thighs and make your thighs firm.

Weight training.
This exercise is for you if you want to lose thigh fat fast. The idea is too put more stress on your thighs and legs. That is why lifting weights is the way to go. When you perform squats its a good idea to lift weights. It may be a challenge but with perseverance you will find it will become very easy to do.

Diet changes
Above all else. If want to lose thigh fat you have to realize its also about what goes into your body. So reconsider your diet. Its best to avoid sugars and sodas. Rather go for protein and foods that is high in fiber. Your thighs will be thanking you for the changes. You will see the benefits and reap the rewards.

I hope this article is helpful. Is there anything else you can think to add as another way to lose thigh fat that wasn't mentioned. We would love to hear it.
No one wants cholesterol to be too high. Puts arteries and the heart under great pressure. Your heart has to work twice as hard to keep blood pumping as it's supposed to. So I have some suggestions of natural foods that naturally lowers cholesterol.

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Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol : Wiki Health blog
Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol : Wiki Health blog
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Some changes to your diet can make a great change to your (LDL) cholesterol levels. Which is called the bad cholesterol And can improve (HDL) cholesterol that is called the good cholesterol.

Changing to oats in the morning lowers LDL cholesterol levels by 5% in just six weeks. Because oats contains beta-glucan that absorbs LDL cholesterol, then it is removed from the body.

Salmon and fish that is fatty.
Omega three fatty acids is a true natural wonder for the body. It prevents heart disease and other serious illnesses. It raises good cholesterol (HDL) about 4%. Fish such as salmon, sardines and herring.


Walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts lowers cholesterol naturally. In a study done people who had about 1.5 ounces of whole walnuts 6 days a week for 1 month lowered their total cholesterol by 5.4% and LDL cholesterol by 9.3%. But do remember nuts are high in calories. So portion control is advised. A shot glass and a half is advised for daily portion control.

Tea is known for its high antioxidants. But did you know that uts a great defense against bad (LDL) cholesterol? In a recent study it was proved that black tea seem to have reduced blood lipids to about 10% in a three week period. So it was concluded that it decreases the risk of coronary heart disease.

In a study researchers said that by adding half a cup of beans to soup. You will lower cholesterol by about 8%. The secret? The high fibre which is abundant in beans such as  pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans.

Olive oil.
This isnt just an ordinary oil. It may be viewed as expensive by many. But the health benefits makes it worth it. It is full of mono unsaturated fatty acids that lowers cholesterol. In the process it may even reduce belly fat.

Many may know that avocado has fats. But it has good fats. It may raise HDL (good) cholesterol and lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. Another benefit of avocado is that reduce the amount of cholesterol that gets absorbed into the body. Please remember that it is high in calories. So it us advised to use moderate portions.

Recent studies has concluded that half a cup of spinach help to avoid heart attacks. Which in turn protect the artery walls from being clogged.  It contains gluten which already is known to be of benefit to guarding against age-related muscular degeneration.

 This treat that is so sweet isnt just for the taste buds. But is also a powerful antioxidant. It helps to build the good cholesterol (HDL) In a study it was seen to increase HDL cholesterol to 24% in a twelve week period. But please note the dark bittersweet is higher in antioxidants than the normal milk chocolate.

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When changing to a margarine that is high in plant sterols could lower cholesterol. Plant sterols lowers cholesterol that gets absorbed into the body. Consider margarine such as Activ, Promis or Benecol.

Garlic prevents clogging of the arteries. Reduce blood pressure and even prevent infections. Now it is seen that it stops the clogging of arteries even in the earliest stages. Consider two to four cloves daily.

These are just a few foods that helps to lower cholesterol naturally. Please keep in mind that life style changes is just as important to lower cholesterol. If you do suffer from high cholesterol please see your doctor or physician
Today we will discuss the cause of high cholesterol. It is very serious and life threatening. A silent killer that strikes it's victim unaware. What to do when we don't want to be at risk?

Cause of High Cholesterol : Wiki Health Blog
Cause of High Cholesterol : Wiki Health Blog
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First know the cause and how to deal with it. If we do have high cholesterol. How to lower it?

Now as discussed in the previous article. We have good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL)

Some factors are in our control. 

Being overweight affects our cholesterol levels.
Do we become the couch potato? Or sit behind the desk the whole day? Then consider doing something that helps maintain our fitness levels.
Unhealthy diet
Junk food and snacks very regular in our diet? Take aways easier than a healthy nutritious diet.
All these contribute to high cholesterol.

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But then there is factors out of our control. Our genetic make up may cause our liver to produce too much cholesterol or our cells may keep LDL cholesterol from being removed properly.

The first step is to live a healthy lifestyle, check your weight. It is on your control. Don't be caught unaware with this silent killer. It is life altering.

Next article we will discuss how to lower cholesterol naturally.
Today I want to talk about something that is very serious. Can be called a silent killer if people aren't aware of it.
What is Cholesterol : eAskme
What is Cholesterol : eAskme
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So what is it? That can slowly affect our lives so badly? Cholesterol. But we can not live without cholesterol. Problem is with LDL (low density lipoprotein). High levels of LDL fats is dangerous to our health.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance that is fatty. Very essential to the human body. Its most basic need is for production of hormones. Like Estrogen and testosterone. Also it is used bile production for digestion.

Cholesterol comes from two main sources.
1. It is made by the liver.
2. From the animals we ingest.

The "good and the bad" cholesterol.
HDL (High-density lipoprotein)
This is known as the good cholesterol. If these cholesterol reach  high levels. It actually protects the body. More protein than fat.
LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) This is the bad cholesterol. More fat than protein.

HDL contains little fat with more protein. It helps to getting rid of any cholesterol that is left in the body, by carrying it back to the liver to be disposed of.

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LDL increases the risk of atherosclerotic disease. When reaching very high levels of LDL it can cause and lead to heart attacks, stroke and angina.

LDL is mostly made up of fat and a quarter protein. It is carried from the liver to other parts of the body where needed for repair or other activities. It tends to move these cholesterol to artery walls and other places in the body.

When this happens. It can cause a blockage which can lead to serious health problems as mentioned earlier. So with all this in mind. Always be careful of the food you eat. Next article will discuss causes of high cholesterol. As its best to be aware of what causes high Cholesterol.
If you want to lose weight. But is honestly to lazy to work out. Or have a job where you sit a long time during the day. Or even don't have the time for exercising. Then this recipe is for you. It is known as the lazy and easy way to losing weight. It increases your metabolism even when you are inactive.
Losing Weight the Easy Way : Recipe
Losing Weight the Easy Way : Recipe
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Recipe for weight loss 

Honey 2 teaspoons
Cinnamon 1 teaspoon
Water 1 cup/235 ml


  • Boil water 
  • Pour boiling water over cinnamon that is in cup. Do not add honey yet. Cover and let it cool down a bit. So it can be arm enough to drink. Please note. Never add honey to hot water because it will destroy the nutrients and enzymes that is in raw honey. When the water is cool or warm. Add the honey. 

Drink half a cup before going to sleep. The other half of the cup is for the morning. Do not reheat the mixture.

Remember to have this mixture on an empty stomach. Please don't add any flavors as it will affect the efficiency of this recipe for weight loss. Repeat this procedure daily. See how you will lose weight the easy way.
When we want to lose weight. We worry about snacking. How do we handle that? After all, when we snack. It goes against trying to lose weight. But more important keep it off. Today I am sharing a few tips of how to handle it. As it may be the reason for weight problems.

Dealing with Compulsive Snacking : eAskme
Dealing with Compulsive Snacking : eAskme
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First thing to remember is no stopping for some sweet savory snack at your favorite bakery. No looking for pizza .

If you feel like having a snack. Consider soup with lots of vegetables. It has lots of vegetables. Is healthy, highly nutritious and low in fat.

It is also good to consider snacking on nuts. Preferably shelled nuts. As breaking the shell can be distracting and also very highly therapeutic. But please remember it should be moderate. Can choose from a variety such as almonds. pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and brazil nuts. When you think of peanuts and pistachios. Realize you can overindulge as its easy to open them.

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Check what is in your fridge and cupboards. Foods like sweets, crisps doughnuts, biscuits, ice cream and other sweet or salty snacks can be named low nutritious snacks. It should be removed and thrown out. These are the foods that causes trouble with weight gin. Only have these foods at a special occasion.

Have you ever noticed how kids can be when eating? They tend to be really picky. Remember what you eat becomes part of you. So choose wisely. Fats, salty and too sweet snacks. Will show over time. Be picky about what goes in your mouth.
These words can be terrifying when we hear it from a doctor. Immediately we know cardiovascular health is affected. We start with a strict diet and rely on science. Medication. But some times medication has side effects. Now that is not so good. What if I tell you that there is natural way to decrease, reverse and even prevent clogged arteries. Would you be more interested if I said it is in your kitchen? Maybe.

Natural remedy for clogged arteries : Wiki health blog
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So what can it be? 

Pomegranate juice. Yes you read correctly. Pomegranate juice. Not only is it tasty but its also healthy.

So the next question is why would it be so effective? 

Pomegranate juice is a very good source of antioxidants. Also has a high Vitamin C content and is filled with polyphenols. But remember that when we have a vitamin C deficiency it is one of the major reasons for cardiovascular disease.

Remember that pomegranate can lower blood pressure, is a great anti oxidant and also has anti inflammatory properties.
Most of us get cravings. It can be for something sweet. Or something salty. Many different ways. But still a craving isn't hunger. Cravings is your body telling you something. So lets see a few different craving and explain what your body is telling you.

Cravings explained : Wiki health Blog
Cravings explained : Wiki health Blog
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It is possible that you have a magnesium deficiency. Consider having some coffee, raw almond nuts, fruits, greens and seeds.

Salty foods

When we crave salty foods. Its more the crunch we crave when we are angry or stressed. When we crave popcorn it means we have stress hormone fluctuations. It can also mean a deficiency in chloride or essential fatty acids. It is good to have oily foods like flaxseeds, nuts and olives. Also good to eat leafy greens. Consider some form of meditation or light exercises.


It can show you have a deficiency in a variety of minerals. Minerals such as tryptophan, phosphorus, chromium and sulphur. Naturally sweet fruits and vegetables is a great way to deal with this craving. Fruits like grapes, apples. Vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato, Lettuce. Nuts and sunflower seeds.


When we crave milk, cheese or any other form of dairy. It means we have a deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids or calcium deficiency. To help deal with this craving it is advised to eat leafy greens that has a good amount of calcium. Or can have sesame seeds, chickpeas and lentils.

Uses of lemons


Now this is a tricky one. Our lives seems to be filled with high carb diets. But if you crave pasta or bread it show you have a deficiency in nitrogen or chromium. Healthy alternatives to combat this craving would be to have salads with onions. Apples, seeds, grapes and sweet potato.

Remember its best to have a healthy balanced diet. That stops cravings before they start. Don't skip meals. Eat different things. Variety helps to maintain a balanced diet.
Many times when we think of a remedy for skin or hair problems. We don't think of castor oil. But if you want a natural and cheap remedy. Then its time to focus on castor oil.

Castor oil used as natural home remedy : Wiki health blog
Castor oil used as natural home remedy : Wiki health blog
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One of the ingredients fatty acid triglycerides is the reason that castor oil is one of the best products for healing. It can prevent and even remove any bacteria, mold, yeast and viruses. We know that we can use castor oil for constipation. But it is recognized as one of the best natural ways for human health.

Hair health:

It helps to regrow and thicken hair. Just a few drops needed. Apply to hair and massage.

Anti inflammatory 

Because of its anti inflammatory actions. It reduces swelling and inflammation of tissue and joints.

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Skin health: 

It helps deal with skin problems because of the ingredient ricinoleic acid.

Menstrual health

Castor oil helps to relax muscles that causes cramps in menstrual cycle.


Because of the insecticidal and fungicidal abilities. It is very effective in the treatment of dandruff. Also it helps to protect the scalp from fungus and microbial infections.

Bowel movement 

A mentioned earlier it improves regular bowel movement.

These are just a few simple suggestions of uses for castor oil But all of them are very effective and natural. Consider this the next time you have any of the ailments mentioned here.
Certain foods are known to be healthy and of benefit to us. But there is other foods that increase our risk of getting cancer. Today I am mentioning 4 foods that does just that. It has been proven scientifically.

4 Cancer Giving Foods : WikihealthBlog
4 Cancer Giving Foods : WikihealthBlog
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Popcorn from microwave:

When we sit and watch movies. We love to snack on popcorn. The packets you place in the microwave is so easy to prepare. But as its proven microwave popcorn contains carcinogenic chemicals that may cause cancer. (Pancreatic, liver and testicular cancer)

Tomatoes in cans:

Many of the articles on Wikihealthblog discusses the benefits of tomatoes. But canned tomatoes causes consumers to be exposed to cancer. The lining of the can contains a chemical that can create cancer. (Reproductive problems, heart ailments and cancers)


We associate good times and gatherings with relaxing with our favorite alcohol. But it is considered the second highest cause of cancer. But that is with excessive alcohol. It can cause stoke death or heart failure. (Liver, colon, mouth, breast, rectum and esophagus cancer) But if used moderately it has benefits like improved digestion and reduce heart disease.

Meat Processed:

Due to excessive salt and chemicals being used in processing meat those who eat it are more vulnerable to cancer. It contains preservatives and carcinogen.

These are just 4 foods that can cause cancer. It is advised to avoid it for a longer happier and healthier life.
We rely on our eyes in almost everything we do. Sight is so important for us. But small images that is on computer. TV screens also affects our eyes. But with a few easy tips and solutions. We can improve our eyesight naturally.

Natural ways to improve eye sight : Wiki health blog
Natural ways to improve eye sight : Wiki health blog
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Eating right. 

For good eyesight Vitamins A C and E is essential. Beta carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein is antioxidants that protect the macula from the sun's harmful rays. It can be found in egg yolks, dark leafy greens, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, Yellow peppers and carrots.

Foods thats is filled with cysteine, lecithin and sulfur helps to protect the lens of the eye from any cataract for forming. Foods that is rich in this is garlic shallots capers and onions.

Goji berries, blue berries and grapes is filled with anti inflammatory properties as well as being an antioxidant.

DHA is a type of fatty acid that helps to support cell membranes to improve eye health. Foods that is full of DHA is sardines, wild salmon, cod and mackerel.

Exercising our eyes:

There is a variety of eye exercises that can improve our eyes. It can be done in the morning, at night or when our eyes are tired. If you do this every day you will find within one month it has improved greatly.

Start by warming your eyes

Rubbing palms together to create warmth. Leave them on your eyes for 5 seconds. Do this exercise 3 times.

Rolling your eyes:

Look up. Then in a slow motion circle clockwise.Repeat this 10 times. Then repeat in an anticlockwise motion. Using focus. Take a pen and hold it at arm's length. With your eyes focus on it. bring the pen closer slowly. Stop when it reaches 6 inches from your nose. Then slowly move the pen backwards again. But remember to stay focus on the pen. Repeat 10 times.

Massage templates:

With your thumb knuckles, start massaging your temples in small circles. do this for 20 times one direction. Then do it the other way around. Do this same exercise just above the mid point of your eye brows. After that is done do this exercise below your eyes on both sides of the bridge of your nose.

Relaxing your eyes:

Put your backwards, then close your eyes, just relax for 3 minutes.

Extra tips:

Remember that sleep is very important for your eyes. That way it can rest, repair itself and recover as needed. When you don't have 8 hours of sleep. It may affect your vision. Remember when using computer to give your eyes rest. For every hour you spend behind the computer. Take a break away from computer for at least ten minutes of that hour. For tired eyes you can place cucumber slices on your eye lids.
Belly fat, also known as the unhealthy fat on our bodies. It affects our overall health, appearance and also our hearts How do we get rid of it? Well today I am sharing a few methods for effectively reducing belly fat.
Easy and effective ways to reduce belly fat : Wiki health Blog
Easy and effective ways to reduce belly fat : Wiki health Blog
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Eating fast 

We all deal with a fast paced life. So many tend to eat very fast. But that is very wrong. That's not how its supposed to be. When you eat too fast. You don't really chew. The result of too fast eating is food pieces that isn't chewed properly waits and sits to be digested. Leading to being misguided on the amount of food you have eaten already.Result is overeating. So remember to enjoy your food. Taste it. Eat slower.


We all love soda. It feel so nice and refreshing. But the fact is. It's not healthy good or refreshing. It is extremely high with sugars. Artificial sweetened soda's is actually worse because it cant be digested.

So if you want to have sodas use ice cubes that way you drink less soda and have water. Or cut down on soda intake.

Packaged food:

Many of us rely on fast and quick meals. So we tend to go for foods that is high in sodium. Packaged goods is very high in sodium. Filled with preservatives. Processed and packed for convenient use. Yes your favorite brand of chips is included. Also some cereals soups and salad dressings. Makes us want to read the label before we buy. 

Consider healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. It is naturally low in sodium.
Snacking or eating before going to bed. Many eat at least an hour or two before going to bed. If you eat within an hour before going to bed. You will wake with a bigger belly.Remember that when we lie down we affect digestion of foods. Also our bodies use less energy when we sleep.

If you feel like eating before going to bed. Have a piece of fruit. Or have some yogurt. But the best choice is to eat 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

Food allergies:

Some food allergies mean belly expansion. Example. if you are have a food allergy to wheat. Your body cant digest gluten which means that bloating and belly expansion occurs. It includes those who are lactose intolerant.

If you think you have a food allergy it is advisable to see your doctor to have a test to know what foods you should avoid.

These are all healthier ways of getting rid of the bulge. But always remember you are what you eat. The food becomes part of you.
Are you like most who don't like the word diet? Or you don'ti feel you have it in you to follow a diet. Today I am sharing tips that will help you without following any diet.

Tips to Leave Your Diet : Wiki Health blog
Tips to Leave Your Diet : Wiki Health blog
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When you set short term goals. You will find it easier than following anything long term. It can be losing a small percentage of body fat. Or including more vegetables in your diet.

Diet Dairy

It is a great idea to keep track of what you eat. If you write down how many calories and exactly what you eat. You will find it easier to eat more responsibly.

Eating Out 

If you stay at home and stick to your healthy cooking. It will be easier to stick to them. Even so called healthy restaurants with friends wont give better results than healthy home cooked meals.


Admit your cravings. The more you deny them. The more they become desirable for you. You can give in to your cravings once in a while. It may even help you gain your target weight. But remember the key word is once in a while. Not ever so often.


Be more active. Being active not only helps you lose weight. But also keeps you from the dangers of being obese.

Keep track of any progress. It is a great idea to write down any progress you made. Many do this every week. Even when you don't get fast results. But some experts do advise against it. As many put pressure on themselves to reach greater success.

But please know that it took time to gain all the weight. It will take time to lose it. It wont happen overnight. Every step in the right direction is a small step to victory. Stay motivated. You will get there.
If you care about the health of your teeth. There is certain foods you can eat that will strengthen your teeth.

Dairy Milk yogurt and cheese all have one thing in common. It has lots of calcium and phosphorous. That will help to strengthen teeth enamel and it will encourage re-mineralization.

Protect Teeth Enamel The Natural Way With These Foods and Drinks : WikihealthBlog
Protect Teeth Enamel The Natural Way With These Foods and Drinks : WikihealthBlog
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Another thing dairy does is it encourage saliva secretion. That helps prevent against bacteria of the mouth. It also balances ph levels in the mouth. If you are lactose intolerant then soy milk is a great alternative.

Strawberries. Filled with vitamin c and antioxidants. Strawberries also help ex foliate naturally. That helps with teeth whitening. Also it removes tartar that is harmful to teeth. All that is needed is to add it to your diet or as a healthy snack.

Animal proteins 

Chicken and beef. Like most animal proteins contains phosphorus. For healthy tooth enamel phosphorus is very essential. When calcium phosphorus and vitamin D is combined. Healthy teeth and bones are created. If you are vegetarian then tofu is a great alternative source of protein.

Parsley parsley is known to be a great and natural way to help for fresh breath. It has anti bacterial abilities that helps to prevent tooth decay. Instead of chewing gum that is sugary. Consider some parsley. It will help with breath and also protect your teeth as sugars isn't good for tooth enamel.

Vitamin K 

When we think of Vitamin K. What do we think of? It is known to help strengthen teeth enamel when combined with vitamin D. Consider foods like broccoli or Kale. Both are high in vitamin K. Or as an alternative egg yolks, pasteurized butter fermented grains and natural cured salami can be consumed.


As mentioned in previous articles tea is a great antioxidant. Almost all type of tea contains fluoride that helps to protect from decay. Green tea contains polyphynol. That helps protect the teeth by preventing plaque from adhering to teeth surfaces. Also it can help eliminate bad breath.


When we drink water we ensure our mouths are clean. It washes away anything that can serve as breeding ground for bacteria that is harmful to teeth enamel. After eating highly acidic foods it is advised to rinse or drink water to dissolve anything that is harmful to teeth enamel. By drinking water we also boost our immune systems. That also helps to fight gum disease and ward of tooth decay.

So here is a few natural ways to help protect teeth and tooth enamel. Consider this advice as it can make a great impact in a very natural way.

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Today's life has a lot of stress. We seem to lose joy just from all the tension. We lose focus. But what if our bodies has an anti stress button we can use? Sounds strange?

Release Stress With Anti Stress Spot : WikiHealthBlog
Release Stress With Anti Stress Spot : WikiHealthBlog
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  • Well the good news it does have an anti stress points.
  • Today I am sharing one way that we can release stress.
  • The secret is in our ears. Yes you read right.
  • There is an anti stress point in our ears.
  • The ancient Chinese called it "shen men."
  • Others call it the "gate of heaven"
  • But no matter what it is called.
  • We can release stress just by using a simple technique
  • Before starting this technique, get rid of any bad or negative feelings.
  • After doing that. You are ready for this technique.

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See on the image, that is the focus of where you want to massage.

  • Using a cotton bud gently massage that point.
  • Don't forget to breath deeply.
  • Listen and feel the stress being released.
  • When breathing in. Look to your left.
  • When breathing out. Look to your right.
  • Feel the tension and stress leave you.
  • You can massage that point with your fingers.
  • Each time you feel stressed. This method is effective.
  • For a good's night rest. You can do this before going to bed.

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Dark circles can make us look old and tired. But also it ages us. So we don't really want that. There are many cream that can help with dark circles. But today I want to share a natural home remedy for dark circles.
Dark circles home remedy : Wiki health Blog
Dark circles home remedy : Wiki health Blog
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  • You can just go look in the kitchen. Maybe you need to buy it. The secret ingredient? Cucumber.
  • Yes that is all you need to get rid of those dark circles.
  • You can apply cucumber slices on your eyes
  • Or it is suggested for better results. Or faster results. Consider cucumber juice.
  • Just apply it on the area and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse of gently and dry.
  • The juice will give faster results. You can gently dab with your finger tips and apply. Or if you prefer you can use cotton pads. It is actually better to use cotton pads as it follows and applies the juice better where it is needed.
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  • This vegetable is packed with Vitamin C.
  • For a more effective result you can add equal amounts of potato juice with cucumber juice.
  • This will also help reduce puffiness.
  • You can use tomato juice also. Apply on the desired area and leave on for 15 minutes. Tomato juice encourages cell renewal.
Now there is a few suggestions that will help eliminate dark circles. Giving a more radiant and healthy appearance.

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If you look in the mirror. Turning to see how you look from behind. You may see fat on your back. It isn't uncommon. But also it is very hard to get rid of that specific type of fat.

Burn Unappealing Fat : Wiki health blog
Burn Unappealing Fat : Wiki health blog
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So how do we get rid of those unhealthy and very unappealing fat?
Well today I am giving advice on that specific problem.

How to Burn Unappealing Fat

Healthy eating habits

First and always very important in the fight against fat. Eating the healthier and correct ways. Fat burning meals is always a great idea for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Consider cardio exercises.

Boxing swimming rowing all have one thing in common. It can help to eliminate back fat. Not only does it help to get rid of those fats. But it also strengthens you r back muscles. Consider 30 minutes three or four times a week.

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Strengthen core muscle.

The secret of losing back fat. Is all about core muscle. If you focus on core muscle. It will improve a flatter midsection. Reduce those love handles. Improve back strength. But main thing it will reduce those back fats.

Consider exercises like power extensions. Ball work outs. Power cleans. Sit ups and front squats.

These are just a few easy but very effective ways to get rid of those fats. Try it and see for yourself.
Most who have dark circles are concerned about it. It feels like that is the first thing people see. But also it makes those who suffer from dark circles look tired. Even ages them.

Now here I share a natural home remedy that will help. It is high in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Natural remedy for removing dark circles : WikiHealthBlog
Natural remedy for removing dark circles : WikiHealthBlog
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  • Take fresh mint leaves and mash it. Apply on the eyes and leave it on for thirty minutes.
  • You can add a few drops of almond oil or olive oil. Depending on your personal choice.
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Please note

  • But above all remember that taking care of your health can do wonders to your appearance.
  • Things like 8 hours of sleep. Drink 2 to three liters of water. Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Change your diet to a much healthier diet. You will see the benefit and dark circles will be a thing of the past.
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