Thursday, October 30, 2014

Correct diet for a mild diabetic

Blood sugar helps to give the body energy, but for a diabetic that is more complicated. High blood sugar levels that is not controlled can cause serious health complications. So a healthy diet is necessary to control blood sugar levels.

It is always important to treat diabetes, even if it is mild. Medication may not be necessary, but with exercise and the correct diet it may control diabetes. So what is considered a healthy diet for diabetics?

Correct diet for a mild diabetic : WikiHealthBlog
Correct diet for a mild diabetic : WikiHealthBlog

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This diet will include whole grains, fruit, non fat or low fat diary. poultry fish and meat. It will also have fruits vegetables and beans. Always try to eat at least one from each of the food groups.

That way it is a more balanced meal that also has essential vitamins minerals and proteins. Also it should be rich in fiber. Watching portion size is also essential.

The foods to avoid will be foods that contain high sugar like chocolates, sweets, ice cream, cake biscuits and even pies. Food that falls in the processed foods like white sugar, white flour, bread pasta and chips. Junk foods and also starchy vegetables like potatoes. Not all fruits are good for diabetic. Examples of fruit to avoid will include strawberries, dates, mangoes, grapes and bananas. High fat dairy products like cheese and even cottage cheese. Fruit juices also falls in this category as it has a high sugar content and is high in carbohydrates and low in dietary fiber.

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The best foods will include foods that is rich in soluble fiber. Examples like oatmeal, oats, bran, barley peas fruits and vegetables. Great protein examples such as lentils, beans, soybean, peanuts, Brazil nuts and pine nuts. Great for diabetics. Vegetable oils, like olive oil, sunflower or canola
oil. Seeds, unsaturated margarine all are great for a mild diabetic. Low fat diary and lean meats is allowed. Always try to eat fruits and vegetables raw as the cooked vegetables and fruit raises blood sugar levels.

Tips and advice

Cinnamon help to balance and control insulin levels. Garlic, as well as onion helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Ginkgo biloba extract is known to be very efficient to help treat mind diabetes.