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How To Prevent From Bad Breath

 Bad breath or halitosis is not fun for everyone.

When talking to someone, and suddenly a bad smell starts coming from that person’s mouth, surely we will talk to that person from a distance. But imagine the same bad smell that comes from your mouth; No one wants to come near you to talk. 

Hence, Oral hygiene is very important for the fresh smell from the mouth. There are ways we can stop bad smells or breath. Do not be over-conscious about your breath, so go for these important tips.

Here are important points that will help you from bad breath

How To Prevent From Bad Breath:
How To Prevent From Bad Breath

Drink Plenty of Water

Start sipping a good amount of water as it contributes to fresh breath. Not just water alone, you can go for different types of drinks like tea, but not just tea. Mint tea, Lemon, and ginger tea can do wonders for your breath. Moreover, it has medicinal properties too. 

Ginger is helpful against bloating, intestine, and stomach issues. Where everybody around is suffering from Flu, it can protect your immunity; also, it is very helpful when it comes to lower the blood pressure of your body or muscle aches. Ginger has several benefits, and I am sharing more with you now.

Spices and Herbs 

Chew raw parsley to clean your mouth and teeth and prevent bad smells. You can chew mint leaves and herbs like Basil, Spices like Cardamom, and fennel seeds. Cardamom comes from the family of ginger, a sweet spice. It is used in a lot of cuisines around the world. 

Cardamom has several antibacterial properties. Moreover, people use it as a mouth freshener. The next time wants a quick and fresh breath to chew cardamom seed or fennel seeds.

Clean your tongue

Most of the time, we only brush our teeth, not our tongue; many brushes twice a day, but the sad part is they tend to forget their tongue.

Here the problem comes; we all know whatever we eat, the residue is left on the tongue and later causes bad breath. Like your teeth, brush your tongue too, but softly and slowly. 

We can start from the back and ends at the front. I hope it will make a difference. 

Less intake of sugar

Not many people like it if I ask you to eat less sugar. But one of the major reasons for bad breath is sugar. Sugar invites bacteria into our mouths, and it ferments and finally becomes the reason for the bad smell. 

We often see people chewing gum, but let me tell you, my friends, it can also cause bad breath. Make sure that you go for sugar-free chewing gum. It won’t affect your breath. 

Even chewing gum is a Light exercise for mouth muscles but do not chew it too much.

Avoid Chewing tobacco and smoking

Nowadays, everyone knows that chewing tobacco or smoking should be avoided or quit as they cause life-threatening diseases and Cancer, and they both are the reasons for bad smells. 

It not only destroys your teeth, but smoking also creates gum problems, a major and serious reason for bad odor in the mouth. Hence stop smoking and keep your mouth healthy. 

Tobacco is responsible in the same way as smoking. It causes ulcers in our mouths. Hence, one should stay away from these harmful things.

When to see Doctor

Oral Cancer can be caused by bad breath. If you see red, white, and dark patches, issues in chewing food, swallowing and jaw movement, and numbness in Jaw movement. 

Moreover, thickness in your cheeks or sudden change in voice, my friends, are early symptoms of oral Cancer. Do not wait for anything; immediately rush to a medical professional.

Final Words

Thank you for your time to my article. I tried to cover major tips to avoid bad breath. 

Still have any suggestions and points, do let me know via comments or email me at 

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