Saturday, November 29, 2014

Benefits of Water

We all know that water can be good for us. We have already talked about how water help you to lose weight. But you know what water does for our bodies? What benefits does it have, that we should drink more water?
Benefits of Water : WikiHealthBlog
Benefits of Water : WikiHealthBlog
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Allow me to explain just some benefits to drink more water.

Keeping you hydrated

When we are dehydrated. our skin looks dull and lifeless. Dirt grime smoke and even heat can take it's toll on our skins. As our skin and cells are mostly water composed. Is it not a good idea to replenish lost water? Remember the skin is the largest organ. Even hair gets affected by dehydration. It looses it's shine. Lacks lustrous hair.

Keeps hair healthy

When we drink lots of water hair becomes softer, smoother and silkier. Water can help with frizzy hair too.

Clears your skin

Water cleanse from the inside. So when we drink water we clean our skin from the inside. Flushing out all the toxins. If we drink water regularly our skin renews itself faster. It can prevent blemishes and acne.

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Water that is cold relaxes your nerves

When taking a shower at the end of a stress filled day. It can undo some of the tension from the day.
Cold water soothes our skins and our hair too. It helps to eliminate redness and puffiness around the eyes.

Styling naturally

Water also has the benefit of being a styling gel for our hair. When hair is wet. Just style as you prefer. As your hair dries it will form into the new shape you chose.

Water prevents hair damage

Hair is very delicate. Most don't realize how delicate it actually is. When washing, brushing and styling hair. We can damage it. Drinking water is the natural home remedy to protect hair from damage. Rinsing hair with cold water protects hair as cuticles close and thus hair is protected from pollution.

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Now my question is. Would it be wise to drink more water? I prefer more water. As I know water is beneficial to our bodies. Helps our organs function correctly. Get rid of toxins. Can help reduce weight. Protect our skins. Just a few benefits. But I am drinking more water. Are you?