Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Deal with Menstrual Pains and Cramps

Women are the base of family. If base be strong whole house stand strong. Today in this article I tribute to all the women and ladies who go through this every month. It is seen by some a taboo subject, but today I will talk about how to cope menstrual pains and crampsIt is menstrual pains. Happens every month. Can be very uncomfortable to cope with it. So today I will give advice about what can be done to help give relief from those pains.

How to Deal with Menstrual Pains and Cramps : WikiHealthBlog
How to Deal with Menstrual Pains and Cramps : WikiHealthBlog
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How to Deal with Menstrual Pains and Cramps:


by massaging the lower abdomen it may help to lower the pain.


It is no secret that it is the time you have to relax. Tension makes it worse. Yoga or Pilates is advised to help with the discomfort and pain.

Warm shower or bath.

Not only does take a warm shower or bath help us to relax. But also helps with relieving the pain.


We have already talked about importance of exercise. Actually the time we don't feel like exercising. But it is suggested that it can help relief the pain. Activities like cycling. walking or swimming.


By applying heat to the tummy area it can help relief the pain. Use a hot water bottle. The water should be hot, but not boiling hot.

Drink chamomile tea

New studies suggest that women who drink chamomile tea may help to relive menstrual cramps.

Pain stiller.

Then there is the alternative of getting pain killers over the counter that will help with the pain and cramps.

I hope this article helps all women and ladies. If you do have some issue or suggestion, feel free to share in comments.