Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Problems That Can Be Treated by Using Baby Powder

When we think of baby powder, we think of babies. Butt sometimes small thing can make a big difference in few things. We should not underestimate the other ways it can be of benefit.

Problems that can be treated by using baby powder : WikiHealthblog
Problems that can be treated by using baby powder : WikiHealthblog
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  • Hair that is greasy
  • When in a pinch and don't have time to wash hair. Sprinkle some baby powder on your hands.
  • Massage it through your scalp. It will soak up excess oil
  • Sweaty feet.
  • If you are concerned about foot odors. You can freely consider sprinkling baby powder in your shoes. The result will be that your feet is dry. Helping to deal with the effect of foot odor.
  • Dealing with glove friction
  • After done with washing dishes, sprinkle some baby powder into the gloves. It keeps them fresh while while the gloves dry and the next time you use the gloves. It will be easier to slide onto your hands.
  • A hot summer's night
  • Getting into bed, when its hot and sticky is not a good idea for relaxing, but dusting some baby powder onto your sheets helps to keep things cool and it absorbs sweat too

But always remember. Never use baby powder when a baby is around. As it can be dangerous for babies to inhale it.

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