Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tips to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Staying with is always the first choice of everyone. According to WHO there are billions of people worldwide who are suffering from cholesterol problem. So today we talk about how to lower cholesterol naturally. I have advice for you. With a few small changes we can change cholesterol levels.

Tips to lower cholesterol naturally : WikiHealthBlog
How to lower cholesterol naturally : WikiHealthBlog

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Tips to Lower Cholesterol Naturally :

1 Eat meat sparingly.

Remove the skin and fat from fish and other meats. Skinless white meats or fish is the best option. While beef pork and lamb should be avoided.

2. Go for low fat dairy products.

Avoid products that is fall cream or milk. Always choose nonfat or low fat dairy products.

3. Avoid coconut and palm oil.

Palm and coconut oil have a high saturated fat content. It is best to choose oils like canola, corn, peanut and olive oil.

4. Choose fruits and vegetables.

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits will help protect your heart.

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5. Limit salt intake.

Diets where there is a high salt intake create a bigger risk of hypertension. Also high blood pressure is a serious factor in cardiovascular disease.

6. Consider reading labels carefully.

prepared food should be avoided. Ingredients like cream, butter, whole milk solids, egg or yolk solids, hydrogenated oil or fat.

So these are the good ways to lower your cholesterol Small changes can create big differences. Consider these and other options to improve, not only cholesterol levels. But also a healthier life style.

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