Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cultivating an Attitude of gratitude

In our daily lives we should try to remind for the things we should be grateful for. But we don't do that very often. So how do we develop a grateful attitude? How do we get an attitude of gratitude?

Cultivating Attitude of gratitude : Wiki Health Blog
Cultivating Attitude of gratitude : Wiki Health Blog
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Write 3 things and reasons what you are grateful for

It can be things like a beautiful sunset. While walking the dog you saw this amazing sunset. Or the fact that you may be healthy. How many struggle with troubling healthy? It can be small things that you are grateful for. Repeat them in your mind.

Tell others what you are grateful for in your life

When we speak of things we are grateful for. We improve our moods. It improves your immune system. Lowers blood pressure and also makes you more compassionate and positive. Talk to one person and mention what you are grateful for. You will notice people are drawn to others who are positive.

Gratitude box at home

Create a box meant for gratitude thoughts. As the whole family to contribute. After a meal you can pull out a few notes. This teaches people, adults and children alike. To realize their blessings.

You will find that you are happier and healthier. So why not consider doing something that will make you happy and also feel blessed.