Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dangers of deficiency of Vitamin D

Never must we have a deficiency of Vitamin D. Yet many suffer from this deficiency. But why is it a danger then? What does it do? Vitamin D is a fat soluble secosteroids that helps to enhance absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. So how do we get this Vitamin. It is known as the sunshine vitamin. So we need exposure to sunlight to get this Vitamin. 30 minutes of sunlight is enough for Vitamin D . Never spend time in direct sunlight during the warmest time of the day. Because then sunlight is harmful.
Dangers of deficiency of Vitamin D : Wiki Health blog
Dangers of deficiency of Vitamin D : Wiki Health blog
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What is the risks?

Recent medical studies discovered how important Vitamin D is for the health of our bodies. Specifically for bones and immune system. Many studies have shown that health problems associated with immune system was traced back to a deficiency of Vitamin D. If you suffer from bone pains and muscle weakness. It is a great idea to make sure you get your Vitamin D levels checked.

Blood levels also get affected by vitamin D deficiency

It can cause cancer, cognitive impairment in older adults and severe asthma in children.
Vitamin D may treat and prevent type 1 and 2 diabetes, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis, hypertension and high blood pressure.

If you think you suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency it is a great idea to get a blood test done. The only way to measure Vitamin D levels in your blood is a test named 25-hydroxy or 25(OH)D blood test.