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Epsom salt bath used for weight loss

Strange to think that Epsom salt can help with weight loss. It is known that using Epsom salt can help alleviate pains and cramps. But new studies suggest that Epsom salt used when having a bath can get rid of excess toxins. Now fat or unwanted weight. That also counts as toxins. Another thing is that Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfate. Both removes toxins and help heal minor injuries.

Epsom salt bath used for weight loss : Wiki Health Blog
Epsom salt bath used for weight loss : Wiki Health Blog

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Using Epsom salt for weight loss

It is known as the "detox bath". It is advised to start with one table spoon Epsom salt when you add your bath water. Slowly and gradually increase the amount of Epsom salt to two cups of Epsom salt. If you try to use two cups from the start directly. It may create mood swings, irritability and also hyperactivity. Some say you can use essential oils. But it isn't advised because it affects how well the detox bath works. People that use the Epsom salt bath is more stress free.

Remember that when you use this detox bath. The time the water cools down the toxins will start to sweat out. You can add baking soda or vinegar (preferably apple cider vinegar) to maximize the effects of the Epsom salt. Experts say this detox bath can be used every day to help with weight loss. But others feel it should be used maximum 3 to 4 times a week.

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There are a few different ways that Epsom baths can be used. Now will mention some different ways.

Ginger and Epsom salt

When you add ginger to this Epsom salt bath. It help by opening up pores helping to release more toxins from the body. 2 table spoons of crushed fresh ginger to your bath water. Afterwards add 2 cups of Epsom salt. Relax and immerse yourself in this detox bath for 30 minutes.

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Baking soda and Epsom salt

Add 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda to your bath water. Gently and carefully rub your body with soft sponge. This process helps getting rid of excess toxins.

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Vinegar and Epsom salt

Here the ration is 2:1. Soak yourself in warm water that has this mixture of vinegar and Epsom salt. It will help with weight loss. But also can relieve joint pains and muscle stress.

Any of these methods can be used alternatively for best results. So with a few changes we can detox, release stress and also lose weight.

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Please Note Warning

If you suffer from high blood pressure. Have diabetes or suffer from heart troubles. This detox bath is not advised for you. Please do not practice this detox bath.

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