Friday, February 13, 2015

Release Stress With Anti Stress Spot

Today's life has a lot of stress. We seem to lose joy just from all the tension. We lose focus. But what if our bodies has an anti stress button we can use? Sounds strange?

Release Stress With Anti Stress Spot : WikiHealthBlog
Release Stress With Anti Stress Spot : WikiHealthBlog
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  • Well the good news it does have an anti stress points.
  • Today I am sharing one way that we can release stress.
  • The secret is in our ears. Yes you read right.
  • There is an anti stress point in our ears.
  • The ancient Chinese called it "shen men."
  • Others call it the "gate of heaven"
  • But no matter what it is called.
  • We can release stress just by using a simple technique
  • Before starting this technique, get rid of any bad or negative feelings.
  • After doing that. You are ready for this technique.

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See on the image, that is the focus of where you want to massage.

  • Using a cotton bud gently massage that point.
  • Don't forget to breath deeply.
  • Listen and feel the stress being released.
  • When breathing in. Look to your left.
  • When breathing out. Look to your right.
  • Feel the tension and stress leave you.
  • You can massage that point with your fingers.
  • Each time you feel stressed. This method is effective.
  • For a good's night rest. You can do this before going to bed.

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