Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cause of High Cholesterol

Today we will discuss the cause of high cholesterol. It is very serious and life threatening. A silent killer that strikes it's victim unaware. What to do when we don't want to be at risk?

Cause of High Cholesterol : Wiki Health Blog
Cause of High Cholesterol : Wiki Health Blog
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First know the cause and how to deal with it. If we do have high cholesterol. How to lower it?

Now as discussed in the previous article. We have good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL)

Some factors are in our control. 

Being overweight affects our cholesterol levels.
Do we become the couch potato? Or sit behind the desk the whole day? Then consider doing something that helps maintain our fitness levels.
Unhealthy diet
Junk food and snacks very regular in our diet? Take aways easier than a healthy nutritious diet.
All these contribute to high cholesterol.

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But then there is factors out of our control. Our genetic make up may cause our liver to produce too much cholesterol or our cells may keep LDL cholesterol from being removed properly.

The first step is to live a healthy lifestyle, check your weight. It is on your control. Don't be caught unaware with this silent killer. It is life altering.

Next article we will discuss how to lower cholesterol naturally.