Friday, November 20, 2015

Signs of Being Overstressed and How to Deal With it

Life is much more fast paced. Time seems to slip away and things become a rush. Life is more hectic. Much more pressure than it used to be. Personal life and professional life seems to compete. Making life much more tense and causing overstressed people.
Signs of Being Overstressed and How to Deal With it : Wiki Health Blog
Signs of Being Overstressed and How to Deal With it : Wiki Health Blog
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Signs of Being Overstressed and How to Deal With it


Stress and anxiety goes together. But first. The signs of anxiety. Muscle tension heart beats faster, sweating, fast breathing, fatigue and dizziness. Suffering from anxiety can be very serious, as it can become uncontrolled.

It is very important to reduce stress. Consider relaxation techniques and stress management methods to help deal with it. If you find that it isn't under your control. It is very important to get medical help.

Being impatient.

When stressed the whole time staying calm and have patience isn't very easy. There is physical signs like muscle tension, shallow breathing and clenching of hands.

For this you have to realize there is a trigger. Something that just sets it of. Best to figure out what it is and try to avoid it when possible. If you cant avoid it. Then good to consider minimizing contact with it. Also you can focus on your breathing. Consider mini meditation and consider exercise to help coping with it.

Lose your cool quicker (temper)

You tend to be more impulsive which makes it easier to lose your calmness. You get overwhelmed and say things you wouldn't normally say.

Try thinking twice before responding to anything. Go for a walk. Get away from the situation. Breath deeply and slowly.

Being forgetful

When stressed its so much easier to forget things. Why is that? Because stress affects your memory. For the brain when stress increases emotions becomes stronger and memories becomes weaker. So even your brain is affected when stressed.

When you are  under tension remember your brain firstly always responds to improve emotions, causing the ability to think to be weakened. That means your responses is affected too.

Losing focus.

When you find you are distracted when you are worried. You find managing your life isn't an easy thing. You can start to over think. Causing the ability to focus to actually go worse.

If you actually try thinking or changing your thoughts it may make it worse. best suggestion is to do something that helps by minimizing distractions. Thus helping you gain focus.

Slower problem solving.

Our brains respond to stress by releasing the stress hormone norepinephrine. Affecting our ability to help solve problems.

Best advice is start practicing relaxing methods, or avoid such situations that causes the stress. If you find you cant handle that its always advised to get medical help.

Negative thoughts.

This one is a very serious one. As it affects our whole outlook on life. If you find that you have recurring negative thoughts. You also know it isn't easy to change your thinking. Realize it doesn't mean you are a negative person.

When you think positive. It means that you are starting to find ways to deal with tension. If you have to. Start talking to yourself. The way you talk to yourself affects everything you do. SO why not make your thinking positive when reasoning with yourself. Be around those who are positive. Have fun. Set goals for yourself. If you love reading. Read more. If you are creative. Be creative. It may not happen immediately. But you will see the benefits of positive thinking.

Dealing with sickness and pain caused by tension.

When you are stressed. Your immune system gets affected too. Because of all the tension. You can find that you deal with back ache or muscle spasms. Tension in your neck and shoulders. So be aware of posture as it helps dealing with pains. As said we tend to become vulnerable to illness when tense. Best advice would be avoid tension. But that isn't always likely. So the other option is using supplement like vitamin C or using a multivitamin.

I hope this article helped you. If you deal with stress there is many ways to cope, These are just a few that helps cope and deal with it.