Friday, January 27, 2017

10 Minutes whole body workout for all

DO you think you are too busy that you do not have time for your own body?

If yes, that means you either ignoring your health seriously or you are not getting enough time for workout.

You should understand that your body is the only thing which make you do day to day work continuously. So today I am going to share a 10 minutes whole body workout for you.

10 Minutes whole body workout for all : WiKi Health Blog
10 Minutes whole body workout for all
Let`s see how you gonna do it.

10 Minutes whole body workout

1)Lunge with a Press
Hold a dumbbell in one hand straight at shoulder height and make your left feet stand in front of the right. Now lower your knees. Now stand again. Do this for around 30 seconds.

2)Dip with a Kick
Hold the edge of the chair, bend elbows to slide your butt from the chair. Lower your body. Now do ups and downs moving your arms bend and straight.

3) Hip Bridge with a Crunch

Lay on the floor and put your legs on the chair. Put hands behind your neck and lift your shoulders. DO this for some time.

4) Intermediate Crunch Extension
Lay on the floor and move your legs in the air while lifting shoulders to around 45 degree.

These are the few and quick easy exercises that you can do. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.