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How to Use Stroller to Help Lose Baby Weight ?

How to Use Stroller to Help Lose Baby Weight : WikiHealthBlog
How to Use Stroller to Help Lose Baby Weight : WikiHealthBlog
  • Power Walk :To gain cardiovascular endurance, the best way is to do power walk with your stroller. You Should Increase speed when you walk.

  • Calf Raise : Stop your stroller with brakes and and keep your arms legs wide while holding stroller. Inhale and exhale slowly. When you exhale give little pressure on your feet. Do this at-least 15 times.

  • Squat with Stroller : Squat give strength to your lower body. So it is important to do ups and downs and you can do it while keeping eyes on your baby. While holding stroller keep your legs wide apart as much legs are wide. Now as you do lower spat put pressure on your feet and when go down bend your knees a bit  and than go up.
  • Reverse leg-lift : While holding your stroller lift your leg in reverse shape. Keep the posture count to two. Keep inhale and exhale when you do this. Now move your leg back down and life your other leg.

  • Lateral Leg-Lift : While holding stroller lift your leg in 45 degree angel and count to two.  repeat this with both legs one by one for 12 times. Never forget to keep Inhale and exhale.

  • Stroller Crunches : Keep your both feet around the front wheel of stroller and do crunches.

  • Oblique Crunch : Do standing oblique crunches. 

  • Single Leg Lunge With Knee Lift : This targets the glutes and quadriceps. Hold stroller and step your left foot back and slowly lower into a lunge. Press off from your left foot directly into a knee lift. Perform 12 to 15 repetitions per leg.

  • Plie Squat : Lightly hold your stroller with one hand and Stand in a wide stance   with both knees and toes diagonally pointed out. While keeping your torso erect, lower down into a plie. At lowest point, your knees should be over your ankles, not your toes.

  • Do this in intervals and keep care of your child also while keeping care of your own health. And baby weight will melt away that you got with pregnancy
Today where billions of people in this world facing fat problem or want to get rid of bulky body, they try each and everything they see on ads, advertisements to keep them fir and in shape. But the best thing always is natural thing. Where other things can do some harm, natural ways cure your body like a mother treat their children. So you should always be concern about the right way of losing fat.

Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
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If losing weight is our goal. What is healthy weight loss?

We have already talked about how to lose weight by drinking water. It is a very natural thing to want to lose weight quickly. But if too much weight is lost too fast. Evidence shows it won't be very successful.

But a more gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week is more successful. Helping to keep the weight off.  Losing weight the healthy way isn't about a diet or even a program. It is all about life style changes. Long term, exercise with correct eating habits. 

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Losing weight isn't easy. It takes a lot of commitment. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight. Then its best to see it is a journey. Every little bit lost counts. Than just seeing a final destination where you achieved your goal. Living healthier, learning new healthier eating habits with regular exercise. That will improve weight loss over time.

Losing weight will improve your life. Improves energy levels. Self confidence and even moods.
So if you need to lose weight. Remember it is a life style change. Not just a diet or two.

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