Monday, October 27, 2014

How Much Nicotine in Cigarette

There are hundreds of cigarette manufacturers, but all cigarettes are produced in same way. Thats why cigarette smoking effects are identical no matter which company manufacture them. this is the truth about nicotine.
How Much Nicotine in Cigarettes : wikihealthblog
How Much Nicotine in Cigarettes : wikihealthblog

How much Nicotine is in one Cigarette

The Facts :

In USA an average cigarette contains 9mg nicotine. Cigarette smoke is inhaled by people and thats why nicotine absorbed through smoke. Nearly 1Mg enters in the body through this way.

Significance :

One MG nicotine is not that dangerous but they way used to ingest nicotine that cause danger. There are lot of chemicals attached to to the tar that is consumed by lungs when smoke enter in body. Nicotine get absorbed quickly but tar remains. This tar covers lung tissues and with the time start killing lung tissues. It cause nicotine poisoning and nicotine overdose can cause death.

Time Frame :

Nicotine reaches in central nervous system in 5 minutes and hit the brain in just 10 seconds. The influence on persons brain depend upon circumstances. Nicotine always quickly used by human body. The time length when a person has been smoker will determine that how long nicotine will stay in human body.

Effects :

Nicotine effect a person mentally and physically. Its effect of first time is a relaxed feeling. In few minutes this feeling enhanced in powerful physical sense when nicotine reaches in central nervous system. These effects last for few more minutes. People who get used to it their body need more nicotine and thats why they smoke more and more.

Misconceptions :

Lot of research and documents show the enormous harm done by cigarette. Government organizations and health organizations do But still people are unaware of its long lasting harmful effects.

Does Nicotine Cause Cancer ?

Even after lots of documented harmful nicotine effects of nicotine smoking, there are still lot more harmful effects related to nicotine. It also increase chances of cancer in human body. Cancer mostly development mostly focus in lungs, throat, lips, mouth. If take it in other ways it increase risk of cancer more. People should consider dangerous effects of gum and patches. So you should be aware of negative effects of nicotine.

Do share your thoughts about effects of Nicotine and cigarette.