Monday, October 27, 2014

Weight loss By Drinking Water

Probably you have heard it many times that drinking water help you lose weight. But is water really help to lose weight? Answer is "Yes". Drinking water boost your metabolism and cleanse body waste and also act as appetite suppressant. It also help your body stop retaining water and help you drop extra weight. So increase your water intake.

Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog
Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog

Always Drink Before You Eat :

Because water also work as appetite suppressant, so drinking water before you eat make you feel fuller and reduce food intake. Drinking water before meals help you reduce 75 calories per meal. Drinking water before one meal per day help you reduce 27,000 calories intake per year. That means it will help you lose eight pound each year just by drinking water.

Replace Calorie Filled Drinks with Water :

Ditch juice and sodas and replace them with pure water to lose more weight. If water intake seems boring to use than add a slice of lemon. Water with lemon is the best weight lose recipe because pectin available in lemon reduce food carving. Give ur sugary drinks and see the result.

Drink Ice Cold Water:

According to WebMD , drinking ice cold water boost metabolism because it make your body work harder to turn cold water into warm. This help you burn more calories and help you lose weight and also it is more refreshing than water at room temperature.

Go to Gym:

As water keep your joints lubricated and prevent muscle cramping spo it help you to do more work in gym. SO this is good to lose weight.

Get Enough Water:

Rule is 8x8. means that you drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day of 8-ounce each glass. Drink more water and also the good thing is water do not have any effects.