Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cure Asthma Naturally with Lemon Juice

Evidence supports the benefits of lemon juice appears to be promising for those who suffers from asthma. It is believed to that the high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamin C is the main reason for the treatment and prevention of asthma.
Cure Asthma Naturally with Lemon Juice : Wiki Health Blog
Cure Asthma Naturally with Lemon Juice : Wiki Health Blog
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How does it help, you may ask

Vitamin C helps to boost immune system. In the process a person becomes more resistant to outside factors that may trigger an asthma attack. Maybe even making the lungs stronger, which means breathing will be easier. Lemon juice known to be a great and powerful anti-oxidant, may help fight anything that enters the lungs which may cause an asthma attack. It is also effective in killing bacteria that may cause a person to become ill.

How to use it?

The secret is in the recipe. You need an effective and powerful recipe. A health juice would be something like mixing lemon juice, a dash of ginger and water. Why ginger? Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that will help ease the restriction of airways to the lungs. Another option is drinking lemonade. But only made with fresh lemons.

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But always remember that it may be good for some, but not effective for others. Especially gene related asthma. Please be advised before using lemon juice for asthma. It is wise to consult your doctor or physician. It is never a replacement for the traditional methods for the treatment of asthma.