Monday, November 24, 2014

Benefits of Vitamin C

If you know about the benefits of Vitamin C. Would you consider adding it to your diet? The benefits are amazing. But don't let me tell you. Just read and think about it.

Benefits of Vitamin C : Wiki Health Blog
Benefits of Vitamin C : Wiki Health Blog
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Cancer Prevention

Filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C helps to protect cells from mutation and damage. Supporting the body and the immune system it can reduce the risk of almost all cancers. Scientists said that it can't attack cancer cells, but fight cancer by taking care by having a healthy immune system.

Improved Bone Health

Most people know that calcium helps to prevent osteoporosis. But did you know that the absorption of Vitamin C helps to avoid brittle bone.

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Helps With Improved Vision

Our eyes needs Vitamin C to combat free radicals that formed from the sun's impact. Taking 1000mg Vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts.

Helping With Fat Burning

If losing weight is something you want to try. Then you have another reason to consider Vitamin C.  But with the Vitamin C exercise is needed. They work well together as both improve metabolic rate.

Heart Health

Vitamin C also helps to keep cholesterol levels stable. In the process helping heart disease. High blood pressure may improve too. The antioxidants in Vitamin C prevents heart disease. How? Preventing free radicals from plaque formation in the arteries. There are other benefits also. It helps in the  fight against aging. Would you consider this the next time you want to do something healthy?

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