Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to lose Fat and Look Slim

Today most of the people in world are concerned about losing extra fat to look slim and more attractive. There are other benefits also of being slim. It also help you live longer and feel attractive. Many times you have to change your lifestyle to be slim.  so today we talk about how to lose fat and get slim shape.

How to lose Fat and Look Slim : WikiHealthBlog
How to lose Fat and Look Slim : WikiHealthBlog
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Diet : 

A healthy diet is very important to stay fit. Cookies, Chips , Soda and such other fast food or junk foods have high fats and sugars, which make you body gain more fat and make you fatter day by day. You should prefer eating more vegetables and fruits instead of these junk foods. Cut out your diet on white rice and white bread and eat more grains.

Exercise : 

We have already talked about how important exercise is. It is recommended to a average body person to exercise 30 minutes daily. Exercise includes swimming, sports, weightlifting, jogging, running etc. Exercise and good diet are necessary to burn fat quickly.

Drink More Water:

When you try to lose weight, you should also take care of bloating. Bloating in face occurs when your body don`t get enough water. To avoid this happening, you should drink more and more water. Water also help lubricating your muscles and avoid muscle cramping.

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Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol is a big reason for dehydration in body and decrease water in your body. It also make you gain more weight.

Warning and Tip:

People think not eating food or starving help them to lose weight. that is a dilemma, starving only cause health issues.

Do share your own ways to lose weight also if you want to discuss any health issue or want to ask any health solution do ask in comments.