Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Perfect Skin Diet Add-Ons

The skin is the largest organ. We know that some foods help us to feel great. But do you know that some foods help improve outward appearance too?

Yes some foods can make you look great. Not only are these foods healthy. But its also delicious.

Perfect Skin Diet Add-Ons : Wiki Health blog
Perfect Skin Diet Add-Ons : Wiki Health blog
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Perfect Skin Diet Add-Ons :


Yes it is mentioned over and over again. Just for the mere fact that it does improve skin greatly. Getting rid of toxins. Clearing skin from the inside. To improve the effect water has can add lemon then it detoxifies and is an antioxidant.

Green tea

Green tea known to many. Is a great antioxidant improves mental well being. But did you know that new studies show it even help to protect the skin against sun damage. So it is a great addition to a sunscreen. Please note not a replacement. But an extra protection.

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Coconut oil

It is a great anti inflammatory and antibacterial product. So using coconut oil will help prevent flare ups. Will help to improve clear skin. Moisturize and also improve antioxidants. In doing this the skin aging process is slowed down greatly.

Dark chocolates

The appearance of skin can tell of aging. Exposure to harmful radiation from the sun ages skin fast. But when enjoying dark chocolate the skin is protected against harmful exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


Loaded with omega 3 and protein. It boost collagen production in the skin.

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Tomatoes is a very powerful antioxidant. Its rich in selenium and lycopene. So as both these items can be found in tomatoes. It eliminates damage caused by free radicals. Also our bodies are protected from skin cancer, age spots and sun damage.

So these are few of the best perfect diets for your skin. Try them. If you have any suggestion or question feel free to ask us. If you want to get health updates in your email, then do subscribe WikiHealhBlog feed.