Thursday, November 20, 2014

Natural Ways That Will Help You to Sleep

When we don't get enough sleep. We go through the day with lots of difficulty. We even consider going to the drug store just to get enough rest. But before you think of going to the drug store to get over the counter medications. Consider some natural home remedies that will help you sleep.

Natural Ways That Will Help You to Sleep : Wiki Health Blog
Natural Ways That Will Help You to Sleep : Wiki Health Blog
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Natural Ways That Will Help You to Sleep

Magnesium and calcium

Both these products are known to be help induce sleep. When you combine them together the effect becomes much stronger.

Wild lettuce

Anxiety, headaches, muscle and joint pain. If you suffer from any of this you may know about wild lettuce already. It has a calming effect, helping with restless legs syndrome too. Use 30 to 120 milligrams before going to bed.

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Those who know about aromatherapy, may know what I am about to say. Lavender is the product that will help you slip into a peaceful and calm sleep. Just spray a spritz on your pillow before bedtime.

Meditation and Yoga

Choosing easy and gentle yoga poses may help you relax. Consider doing yoga poses in bed. Then afterwards focus on meditation. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes. But focus on your breathing.

Valerian One of the most common remedies for insomnia. It helps to improve deep sleep. The speed and quality of sleep too. But 10% of those who use it. May actually feel energized and in that process stay awake. If you are one of those 10%. It is advisable to use it during the day. Or use 200 to 800 milligram before going to bed.

Now I have given some advice of natural ways to get your much needed sleep. It help you wake up early and always do exercise in morning.

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