Sunday, November 9, 2014

Regular Sleeping Pattern May Help Keep You Slim

Sleep is the sweetest things in human life.Not sleeping enough can have a negative effect on the body. Also may have a bad effect on weight.  New studies suggest that good sleepers are healthier.

For a week 330 college ladies was put on a test. Those who slept and awoke at consistent times maintained a healthier weight.

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Those who followed their regular time to go to bed and wake at the same time. Had lower body fat.
The ladies who slept for 8 to eight and a half hours had the lowest body fat of all. The ones whose times to sleep, their patterns was different by about 90 minutes, had higher body fat. That is what researchers found.

Not forgetting the quality of rest and sleep is also important. Sleep quality can be measured on how much time was spent sleeping in bed. It is said that staying up late or sleeping late may be more harmful than realized.

Never forget we have an internal clock, a timer. Changing our sleeping patterns does have a negative impact on our bodies. When we change our sleeping patterns it affects all our activities. Physical activity changes, hormones that affect our metabolic rate changes. That can contribute to more body fat.

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If you want to improve your sleep quality, exercise is suggested. But remember to make sure the room is dark, cool and quiet when in bed. It is good to assume that sleep has an effect on weight control.

So why not consider making the changes that will help keep weight under control. With a good night's rest on time.

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