Weight loss Detox recipe

By Sonia
Today billions of people suffering from overweight problem in the world. people spending hours and money sweating in the gym, fasting themselves and doing everything to loss weight. People mostly ask how to lose weight effectively. 

Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
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If weight loss is important to you. I found this detox recipe that will help. But it does more than just help you lose weight. It boost metabolism (which in turn help you lose weight). But this detox also help to fight diabetes and help to lower blood pressure. It also helps too flush out the toxins in your body. Best of all you may have everything you need in your cupboards.

Detox recipe of Wight loss :

The ingredients

Glass of water (1, about 12 to 16 0z)
Lemon juice (2 table spoons)
Apple cider vinegar (2 table spoons)
Raw honey (1 Table spoon)
Cinnamon (1 tea spoon


Just need to mix all together and drink.
It is advised to drink on an empty stomach.

With this recipe you will lose weight even when you sit behind a desk most of the day. As it helps to boost metabolism.

Tips and advice.

It is advised to follow a healthy eating plan. As it is always most effective when living a healthy life style. Drink lots of water as it is also effective to lose weight.

Feel free to read our article on why water help with weight loss. And exercise regularly.

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