Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why should we exercise regularly?

Have you ever wondered why do people exercise regularly?

But I found some interesting facts and I am sharing that information with all our readers. The benefits of exercise cant be denied. So with that in mind. Let me share this with you.
Why should we exercise regularly? : WikiHealthBlog
Why should we exercise regularly? : WikiHealthBlog
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1) Exercise helps deal with weight control.

  • Doing regular exercise helps maintain weight or even help to control and improve weight loss.
  • Doesn't have to be one hour that is set aside for doing exercise.
  • Can be as simple as taking stairs instead of elevator.
  • Or when doing household chores.
  • Walking more instead of driving when going somewhere close by.
  • Just examples of small changes we can make if we cant set time aside for exercise.

2) Improving your mood with exercise.

If you feel like the day was too stressed and you have to let of some steam, then consider doing some exercise.

Why? would you wonder

Well being physically active helps to stimulate certain chemicals of the brain that will make you more relaxed and happier. Also it can help you feel better about yourself which in turn helps to boost your self esteem and also your self confidence.

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3) Exercise helps with disease and health conditions.

  • If you are concerned about heart health or even want to know how to prevent high blood pressure?
  • Being active helps the good cholesterol (hdl) increase and decreases the unhealthy triglycerides.
  • Being physically active helps to combat a wide spectrum of health concerns.
  • For example depression, diabetes, arthritis and some types of cancers too.

4) Exercising improves energy.

When doing some shopping or some household chores can make you feel exhausted or drained.
Consider exercise because when doing regular exercise it can improve endurance and improve muscle strength.

When you are active oxygen and nutrients are deliver to your body tissues. Your heart and lungs works much more effectively.

So with these few things that are mentioned. Isn't it wise to consider making some small changes that can make us happier, more energetic and has many health benefits too.

Please note:

It is always advised to see a doctor or physician before starting an exercise routine

If you have any question or suggestion do ask in comments