Saturday, November 22, 2014

Benefits of Laughter

Did you ever wonder why you feel much better when you laugh? Yes it's known to be medicine to improve your mood. But now I will tell you what benefits laughter has.

Benefits of laughter : WikiHealthBlog
Benefits of laughter : WikiHealthBlog
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Good for the heart

Studies have shown that people who laugh less tend to have have heart disease. Humor is good for you.

Fights cancer

To boost immunity cancer treatment involves laugh therapy. It relieves pain and improves moods.

Can improve relationships

Laughter brings people closer together. It relieves anxiety and anger. Break tension in difficult situations. making solutions easier to find.

Relieving stress

Laughter relieves stress. One of the main reason for disease is stress related. Laughter gets the oxygen through the whole body. So when you are stressed its exactly what you need to do.

Stops pain

When you laugh it raises chemicals thats in your brain that reliefs pain. Studies have shown that when someone feels pain. Laughter may just relief pain that they feel better.

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Fighting depression

Laugh has the ability to improve your mood and lift your spirit. So it can help in the recovery of depression. The people who laugh more tend to have a positive outlook on life.

Boosting your immunity

Laughter raises things like stimulating oxygen and circulation through the whole body.

Improves sleep

New studies have shown that laughter improves sleep. So next time you may want to consider watching something that is funny or even read something that induces laughter. You may wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day just because of that.

Now we know why laughter is good for us. Just some things were mentioned. So why not try it out.