Monday, November 24, 2014

Inner Thigh Workout

If your inner thighs bother you. You dot have to live with it as it is. You can tone and sculpt your inner thighs. There is exercises that can work and help for it. You don't even need fancy equipment. It just takes dedication. So today will give suggestions and advice on that. Starting off with one of the best, but also one of the easiest exercises.
Inner Thigh Workout : Wiki Health Blog
Inner Thigh Workout : Wiki Health Blog
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Inner Thigh Workout

Kicking a Box

Find an cardboard box that is empty. Fill it with old books. If you don't have books. Canned goods is another perfect way. Just from about 5 to 10 pounds for the total weight. Now that the box is filled. You kick it around on the floor. The idea is to kick the box forward a few inches. Not to make it fly through the air. This way you get maximum benefit.

Most soccer players will know what this one is.  Going forward while using the inner sides of their feet. While keeping the ball centered in front of them. That is the idea to kick the box.

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On this exercise you don't need any equipment. All you need is some space on the floor. You can use an exercise mat if you prefer.

Lie on your side, prop your head up with your arm. Keep your legs straight and your toes pointed.
Lift one leg slowly, then just as slowly ease it back into position. Depending on the way you are laying on the floor. If you are on your right side. Lift your left leg in the air. Bring it back down. Flex your foot when doing the second lift. It will strengthen your calves. It is suggested to bring your leg down only part of the way. That way your muscles work harder and you will see results faster. Do 20 on each side.

See the results. But with commitment and dedication it will be effective. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask me in comments.