Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reasons to Consider Eating Chocolates

We have already talked about Strawberries. Now here is a post that all chocolate lovers will be happy about. Turns out that eating chocolate is actually good for you. Yes you read right. It is good for you. Cacao is packed with flavonoids and theobromine. But please do remember I am talking of dark chocolate. As it is the best source of cacao.

Reasons to Consider Eating Chocolates : Wiki Health Blog
Reasons to Consider Eating Chocolates : Wiki Health Blog
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Reasons to Consider Eating Chocolates

Healthy Heart

In a recent study of over 31000 women about Eating Chocolates. The ones who ate dark chocolate twice in a week. Their risk of heart failure decreased by as much as a third. But the reason for all this. Is the flavonoids, antioxidant that improves flexibility in the arteries and veins. But to make it even more effective. Consider exercise. As they work well together.

Losing Weight

Choose dark chocolate if you are trying to lose weight is a good and wise choice. Dark chocolate is more filling, in the process helping with cravings for fatty foods.

Preventing Diabetes

Is this right? It works against diabetes? In a recent study in Italy about Eating Chocolates. The participants ate a dark chocolate the size of a candy bar. Every day for 15 days. What happened after that time? Their insulin resistance dropped almost half. The flavanoids in dark chocolate increases nitrate oxide and that helps to control insulin sensitivity.

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Stress Reduction

Emotional eating may not be bad for you. Turns out that stress can create havoc on your body. In a Swiss study people who were very anxious ate an ounce and a half of dark chocolate each day. After two weeks the stress hormone levels in their bodies were reduced significantly.

Sun protection. In a London study tested if dark chocolate can help protect from the sun. After 4 months of eating dark chocolate the participants skin took twice as long to develop the reddening effect of sunburn. But those who didn't eat high flavanol chocolate didn't have the same protection.

These are some benefits of Eating Chocolates. So next time you feel like having a sweet snack. Yes it is safe to consider dark chocolate. Go ahead. You know you want to. After reading how it is good for your health.

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