October 2014
Diabetes is one of the biggest medical conditions that affect most people and families. So how do we prevent diabetes? If you are worried and concerned how to avoid getting this dreaded illness
I will give a few tips.

How to Prevent Diabetes : WikiHealthBlog
How to Prevent Diabetes : WikiHealthBlog
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How to Prevent Diabetes ?

1)  Keep a healthy balanced weight. Most who get diagnosed are overweight. If you have fat around the middle. It does increase your risk to develop diabetes.

2)  Know the family history. If it runs in your family it increases your chances to develop diabetes at a later stage in your life.

3)  Be active. Physically active. When you exercise regularly you help maintain a healthy weight and in the process help prevent diabetes. Especially if you know it is in your family. Then exercise is even more important.

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Importance of Exercise

4)  Balanced diet. Since diabetes affect the body's ability to either produce to much or too little insulin. It is best to use low fat products and cut down on sugars. Restrict how much glucose and starches is in meals or even snacks.

5)  Go for a checkup. Know what your glucose measurement is. Especially if it runs in your family history. If overweight then it is much more urgent.

6) Fresh fruit and vegetables. Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Advice warnings and tips.

Be careful of diet cool drinks. As it has a substitute that still contains sugar. It will still affect your blood sugar levels. Even more be careful of sugar free foods, as it contains sorbitol. Sorbitol is in the body and is converted to fructose. But as there isn't enough glucose it cant complete the conversion. So it can not be released from cells in the body and causes diabetes related complications.
Blood sugar helps to give the body energy, but for a diabetic that is more complicated. High blood sugar levels that is not controlled can cause serious health complications. So a healthy diet is necessary to control blood sugar levels.

It is always important to treat diabetes, even if it is mild. Medication may not be necessary, but with exercise and the correct diet it may control diabetes. So what is considered a healthy diet for diabetics?

Correct diet for a mild diabetic : WikiHealthBlog
Correct diet for a mild diabetic : WikiHealthBlog

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This diet will include whole grains, fruit, non fat or low fat diary. poultry fish and meat. It will also have fruits vegetables and beans. Always try to eat at least one from each of the food groups.

That way it is a more balanced meal that also has essential vitamins minerals and proteins. Also it should be rich in fiber. Watching portion size is also essential.

The foods to avoid will be foods that contain high sugar like chocolates, sweets, ice cream, cake biscuits and even pies. Food that falls in the processed foods like white sugar, white flour, bread pasta and chips. Junk foods and also starchy vegetables like potatoes. Not all fruits are good for diabetic. Examples of fruit to avoid will include strawberries, dates, mangoes, grapes and bananas. High fat dairy products like cheese and even cottage cheese. Fruit juices also falls in this category as it has a high sugar content and is high in carbohydrates and low in dietary fiber.

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The best foods will include foods that is rich in soluble fiber. Examples like oatmeal, oats, bran, barley peas fruits and vegetables. Great protein examples such as lentils, beans, soybean, peanuts, Brazil nuts and pine nuts. Great for diabetics. Vegetable oils, like olive oil, sunflower or canola
oil. Seeds, unsaturated margarine all are great for a mild diabetic. Low fat diary and lean meats is allowed. Always try to eat fruits and vegetables raw as the cooked vegetables and fruit raises blood sugar levels.

Tips and advice

Cinnamon help to balance and control insulin levels. Garlic, as well as onion helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Ginkgo biloba extract is known to be very efficient to help treat mind diabetes.
When we talk about insurance, mostly people think about vehicle insurance, as they do get their vehicle insured always. We all know that insurance help us when our vehicle get damage. But this is the pity that in most countries people do not take insurance for the most important thing in their life that is their own health. Health is most important thing and Health insurance take care of your health needs. There are endless benefits of health insurance.

Health Insurance : WikiHealthBlog
Health Insurance : WikiHealthBlog
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What is Health insurance ?

Heath insurance is an insurance against incurring medical expenses. Means that it covers the expenses of health issues of a person. This is a coverage that provide benefits of payment as result of injury and sickness. It also include medical expenses, accidental death or any losses from accident.

Benefits of Health Insurance:

  •     Outpatient care
  •     Trips to the emergency room
  •      Inpatient care
  •     Care before and after pregnancy
  •     Mental health and substance use disorder service
  •     Your prescription drugs
  •     Services and devices to help you recover..
  •     Lab tests
  •     Preventive services.
  •     Pediatric services.

There are much more benefits that you get from your health insurance, these benefits depend upon your health insurance policy and can be different according to the country you live in.

But no matter where you live, Health is always most important and you should keep it secure with Health insurance that help you cover your medical expenses.

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Our lives gets increasingly busy. More and more people are suffering from fatigue. In our life sometimes we feel that we do not have time for ourselves. We busy working, satisfying others, keeping all responsibilities on us and sometimes it feel like burden, this happen because we stop spending time with ourselves.  Here is some tips on Few Easy Fixes for Energy All Day

Few easy fixed for energy all day: WikiHealthblog
Few easy fixed for energy all day: WikiHealthblog
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Few Easy Fixes for Energy All Day ?

Going green with green tea

When you feel the need to go for another cup of coffee. Choose a more natural route. Green tea has less caffeine but has a stimulant that has the same effect without the jitters. Also the antioxidants that is in green tea will help with anti aging too.

Spend time in the sun

When you don't have enough Vitamin D. You can feel weak tired and stressed. People with darker skin tend to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. People who are overweight also tend to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

Taking time in the sun without sunscreen for about 30 minutes, twice weekly should help with Vitamin D for your body. But do remember to avoid the sun light when it is strongest (12:00 to 15:00 pm)

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Visualize someone or something that you love, helps the feel good chemicals to be released in your brain. Which in turn will help you combat stress and boost your energy levels. Also it will improve your mood.

When you feel a slump approaching, just visualize a loved one in your mind. Focus on that and you will feel more energized and your mood will improve too.

With these few tips I hope we all feel more energized and ready to focus on the more important things in life.

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Today where billions of people in this world facing fat problem or want to get rid of bulky body, they try each and everything they see on ads, advertisements to keep them fir and in shape. But the best thing always is natural thing. Where other things can do some harm, natural ways cure your body like a mother treat their children. So you should always be concern about the right way of losing fat.

Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
Correct way of losing weight : WikiHealthBlog
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If losing weight is our goal. What is healthy weight loss?

We have already talked about how to lose weight by drinking water. It is a very natural thing to want to lose weight quickly. But if too much weight is lost too fast. Evidence shows it won't be very successful.

But a more gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week is more successful. Helping to keep the weight off.  Losing weight the healthy way isn't about a diet or even a program. It is all about life style changes. Long term, exercise with correct eating habits. 

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Losing weight isn't easy. It takes a lot of commitment. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight. Then its best to see it is a journey. Every little bit lost counts. Than just seeing a final destination where you achieved your goal. Living healthier, learning new healthier eating habits with regular exercise. That will improve weight loss over time.

Losing weight will improve your life. Improves energy levels. Self confidence and even moods.
So if you need to lose weight. Remember it is a life style change. Not just a diet or two.

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What can we do when we don't like drinking water? What options are available? Drink fizzy drinks? Or go for coffee. It is already asked many times that Which Flavored Water is Healthy ? Think of maybe the one time you tried water bottled with the taste of a fresh fruit.

Yes I am talking of flavored waterWhat of that same flavored drink can even help with a health issue you have? Well I have a few suggestions

Mint and citrus for bloating. Most of us experience bloating at times. But this drink may help deal with that troubled feeling and experience.

Flavored water that is healthy : WikiHealthBlog
Flavored water that is healthy : WikiHealthBlog
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Which Flavored water is healthy ?


10 fresh mint leaves
2 sliced lemons
1/2 of a cucumber (sliced)
2 teaspoons of pureed or chopped ginger


Add all these ingredients to three quarts of water
Allow to stand overnight in a covered pitcher
Then serve hot or chilled as preferred with ice

Immune booster

Keeping our immune system on track can be a challenge in our busy stressed lives. We can help or even boost our immune systems to recover from inflammatory infections or even the common cold.
So why not consider helping our immune systems?


1 cup of strawberries (chopped)
1 cup of pineapple (cubed)
2 oranges (peeled)
Three quarts of water


Add all the ingredients to the water and chill for at least two hours before using and enjoying this delicious drink.

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Pineapple has anti inflammatory agents. Oranges and strawberries contains lots of vitamin C. Also a strong antioxidant.
Most of the issues about health raises because of  negligence of good diet. Most of all, if not all of us know heart is the most important part. One of the most vital organs. So when we think about how to look after our hearts. Do we know whats good? Whats healthy? What is the right diet for our hearts?

When we think of a healthy diet for the heart. We think of whole grain, Lean protein and vegetables.

What about snacks? Do we focus on the right of snacks?

What Are The Right Snacks for a Healthy Heart?

Nuts : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog
Nuts : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog
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If I say nuts are good for a healthy heart snack? Would you approve? Let me be more specific. Wall nuts. But why are they so good for the heart? Answer is because walnuts contains a lots of omega three. A good fat that may even help slow down build up in the arteries.

Smoothie : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog
Smoothie : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog


What about a smoothie? Filled with about a handful of spinach, one and a half cup of almond milk and one whole mango. What does this smoothie too. That is wholesome for heart health? It is a great antioxidant, with lots of vitamin A, C and E to name a few benefits. The natural foods we eat, that has antioxidants helps decrease the risk of high blood pressure and plaque build up (atherosclerosis)

Drink : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog
Drink : Right snack for a healthy heart : WikiHealthBlog
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Relaxing with a drink.

What about a healthy drink to go with your snacks? By healthy I mean green tea (lots of benefits there) or some red wine. In moderation red wine is good for the heart. It may even help protect the artery walls. Also it help to release the good cholesterol (HDL). Green tea does improve the blood flow in the vessels.

Please before drinking red wine consult your doctor or physician about how safe it is especially if you use medication, that also includes use of aspirin.
Today billions of people suffering from overweight problem in the world. people spending hours and money sweating in the gym, fasting themselves and doing everything to loss weight. People mostly ask how to lose weight effectively. 

Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
Weight loss Detox recipe : WikiHealthBlog
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If weight loss is important to you. I found this detox recipe that will help. But it does more than just help you lose weight. It boost metabolism (which in turn help you lose weight). But this detox also help to fight diabetes and help to lower blood pressure. It also helps too flush out the toxins in your body. Best of all you may have everything you need in your cupboards.

Detox recipe of Wight loss :

The ingredients

Glass of water (1, about 12 to 16 0z)
Lemon juice (2 table spoons)
Apple cider vinegar (2 table spoons)
Raw honey (1 Table spoon)
Cinnamon (1 tea spoon


Just need to mix all together and drink.
It is advised to drink on an empty stomach.

With this recipe you will lose weight even when you sit behind a desk most of the day. As it helps to boost metabolism.

Tips and advice.

It is advised to follow a healthy eating plan. As it is always most effective when living a healthy life style. Drink lots of water as it is also effective to lose weight.

Feel free to read our article on why water help with weight loss. And exercise regularly.

Have you ever wondered why do people exercise regularly?

But I found some interesting facts and I am sharing that information with all our readers. The benefits of exercise cant be denied. So with that in mind. Let me share this with you.
Why should we exercise regularly? : WikiHealthBlog
Why should we exercise regularly? : WikiHealthBlog
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1) Exercise helps deal with weight control.

  • Doing regular exercise helps maintain weight or even help to control and improve weight loss.
  • Doesn't have to be one hour that is set aside for doing exercise.
  • Can be as simple as taking stairs instead of elevator.
  • Or when doing household chores.
  • Walking more instead of driving when going somewhere close by.
  • Just examples of small changes we can make if we cant set time aside for exercise.

2) Improving your mood with exercise.

If you feel like the day was too stressed and you have to let of some steam, then consider doing some exercise.

Why? would you wonder

Well being physically active helps to stimulate certain chemicals of the brain that will make you more relaxed and happier. Also it can help you feel better about yourself which in turn helps to boost your self esteem and also your self confidence.

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3) Exercise helps with disease and health conditions.

  • If you are concerned about heart health or even want to know how to prevent high blood pressure?
  • Being active helps the good cholesterol (hdl) increase and decreases the unhealthy triglycerides.
  • Being physically active helps to combat a wide spectrum of health concerns.
  • For example depression, diabetes, arthritis and some types of cancers too.

4) Exercising improves energy.

When doing some shopping or some household chores can make you feel exhausted or drained.
Consider exercise because when doing regular exercise it can improve endurance and improve muscle strength.

When you are active oxygen and nutrients are deliver to your body tissues. Your heart and lungs works much more effectively.

So with these few things that are mentioned. Isn't it wise to consider making some small changes that can make us happier, more energetic and has many health benefits too.

Please note:

It is always advised to see a doctor or physician before starting an exercise routine

If you have any question or suggestion do ask in comments
Probably you have heard it many times that drinking water help you lose weight. But is water really help to lose weight? Answer is "Yes". Drinking water boost your metabolism and cleanse body waste and also act as appetite suppressant. It also help your body stop retaining water and help you drop extra weight. So increase your water intake.

Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog
Weight loss By Drinking Water : wikihealthblog

Always Drink Before You Eat :

Because water also work as appetite suppressant, so drinking water before you eat make you feel fuller and reduce food intake. Drinking water before meals help you reduce 75 calories per meal. Drinking water before one meal per day help you reduce 27,000 calories intake per year. That means it will help you lose eight pound each year just by drinking water.

Replace Calorie Filled Drinks with Water :

Ditch juice and sodas and replace them with pure water to lose more weight. If water intake seems boring to use than add a slice of lemon. Water with lemon is the best weight lose recipe because pectin available in lemon reduce food carving. Give ur sugary drinks and see the result.

Drink Ice Cold Water:

According to WebMD , drinking ice cold water boost metabolism because it make your body work harder to turn cold water into warm. This help you burn more calories and help you lose weight and also it is more refreshing than water at room temperature.

Go to Gym:

As water keep your joints lubricated and prevent muscle cramping spo it help you to do more work in gym. SO this is good to lose weight.

Get Enough Water:

Rule is 8x8. means that you drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day of 8-ounce each glass. Drink more water and also the good thing is water do not have any effects.

There are hundreds of cigarette manufacturers, but all cigarettes are produced in same way. Thats why cigarette smoking effects are identical no matter which company manufacture them. this is the truth about nicotine.
How Much Nicotine in Cigarettes : wikihealthblog
How Much Nicotine in Cigarettes : wikihealthblog

How much Nicotine is in one Cigarette

The Facts :

In USA an average cigarette contains 9mg nicotine. Cigarette smoke is inhaled by people and thats why nicotine absorbed through smoke. Nearly 1Mg enters in the body through this way.

Significance :

One MG nicotine is not that dangerous but they way used to ingest nicotine that cause danger. There are lot of chemicals attached to to the tar that is consumed by lungs when smoke enter in body. Nicotine get absorbed quickly but tar remains. This tar covers lung tissues and with the time start killing lung tissues. It cause nicotine poisoning and nicotine overdose can cause death.

Time Frame :

Nicotine reaches in central nervous system in 5 minutes and hit the brain in just 10 seconds. The influence on persons brain depend upon circumstances. Nicotine always quickly used by human body. The time length when a person has been smoker will determine that how long nicotine will stay in human body.

Effects :

Nicotine effect a person mentally and physically. Its effect of first time is a relaxed feeling. In few minutes this feeling enhanced in powerful physical sense when nicotine reaches in central nervous system. These effects last for few more minutes. People who get used to it their body need more nicotine and thats why they smoke more and more.

Misconceptions :

Lot of research and documents show the enormous harm done by cigarette. Government organizations and health organizations do But still people are unaware of its long lasting harmful effects.

Does Nicotine Cause Cancer ?

Even after lots of documented harmful nicotine effects of nicotine smoking, there are still lot more harmful effects related to nicotine. It also increase chances of cancer in human body. Cancer mostly development mostly focus in lungs, throat, lips, mouth. If take it in other ways it increase risk of cancer more. People should consider dangerous effects of gum and patches. So you should be aware of negative effects of nicotine.

Do share your thoughts about effects of Nicotine and cigarette.

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